21 recipes to keep you sane during Covid-19 lockdown

Social distancing and to self-quarantine is Mzansi’s new normal. Our 21-day lockdown to try and limit the spread of Covid-19 has officially kicked in, with loads of anxiety about what the future will hold.

We’ll get you through the lockdown, though, with 21 easy recipes that will not deplete all your kitchen staples. The next 21 days will most likely involve lots of cooking, baking, cleaning (urgh!) and perhaps even picking up a new skill – whatever it takes to avoid driving each other crazy. With restaurants and fast food joints closing shop, this is the ideal time to get creative with our home-cooked meals, brought you by our Mzansi Flavour foodies.

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Here are some thrifty cost-effective mouth-watering breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to keep you well-nourished during the 21-day lockdown until 16 April 2020.

Breakfast recipes

  1. The Glam Chef’s flapjacks: Born and raised in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, chef Thandi Maphai’s recipe for the fluffiest flapjacks will beat the lockdown blues. This recipe will surely score you brownie points with the kids and they are fun to make too.
  2. Ulla Pakendorf’s healthy, big South African breakfast: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Chef and journalist Ulla Pakendorf make the mother of all breakfasts. We know you’ve stocked up on biltong too…
  3. Dora Sitole’s corn and baby marrow frittata: Served family-style, this Mexican inspired classic, prepared with love and the freshest produce, will be a guaranteed hit on your breakfast table. The frittatas are one of magazine legend Dora Sithole’s best kept secrets.
  4. David Higgs’ fish cakes: Bring out your inner world-class chef with these melt-in-your-mouth fish cakes by celebrity chef David Higgs. An avid cycler and promoter of healthy living, Higgs’s fish cakes with chutney and parsley mayonnaise promises to be a nutritious hit.
  5. Khayakazi Kepe’s baked liver pate: Your toaster is your new best friend. Why not try Spar brand ambassador Khayakazi Kepe’s liver pate as your topping of choice?

Lunch recipes 

  1. Mbombi’s beef liver pasta: Easy to make and light on the budget, chef Mbonani Mbombi’s beef liver pasta gives you comfort on a dime and they’re delicious to boot. He makes this creamy flavour loaded pasta with an African staple that is easily accessible at any supermarket. Yes, we’re talking about beef liver.
  2. Harald Pakendorf’s bread: This delicious bread, as prepared by veteran journo Harald Pakendorf, is filled with nostalgia. Make lekker sarmies for the kids to avoid kitchen drama by cutting costs and getting your hands dirty with his timeless recipe for the perfect loaf of bread.
  3. Zama Mbane’s fruity wings: The village chef’s fruity wings are fun to make and fun to eat. Zama Mbane hails from KwaZekhele in Port Elizabeth and we can guarantee you of the yummiest chicken wings in the history of chicken wings.
  4. Chef Katlego Mlambo’s chakalaka: Chakalaka is one of those timeless dishes. Every day of the 21-day lockdown will feel like a Friday, so why not slap a couple of chops on the braai, stir some maize in your biggest pot, make the stiffest pap and enjoy with this relish as a side dish.
  5. Vanessa Dossi’s slow cooked tripe: Get your last pack of mogodu out of the freezer and thaw overnight to cook in your slow cooker or stove top early in the morning. Vanessa Dossi, owner of Vanilla Scented Kisses, has got you covered with this easy to make, slow-cooked tripe.
  6. Boitumelo ‘Tumi M’ Maphothoma’s spicy chicken feet: An international favourite! Chicken feet are even rapper Cardi B’s favourite snack. Walkie talkies are a lekke, easy on the budget classic that can be enjoyed by all. And Boitumelo “Tumi M” Pamphothoma brings a proudly Mzansi spicy-garlic twist to it.
  7. Nompilo’s lemon butter fish: Light lunches are sorted! Make this lemon butter fish by home cook Nompilo Mathe. Served with a side of your choice. It’s scrumptious and works well with savoury rice on the side.
  8. Khanya Mzongwana’s Fishy Parpadelle: A classic dish enjoyed by many, bring out your inner Italian with this Lesotho Trout parpadelle made by food stylist Khanya Mzongwana. Pasta always promises comfort! So, you can never go wrong.

#Dinspiration? Look no further…

  1. Patience Nyongane’s oxtail: Fill your home with the rich and tasty aroma of braised oxtail. Full of flavour, this could be the comfort on a plate your family needs as we are under lockdown. Enjoy with chef Patience Nyongane’s garlic mash.
  2. Durban-style prawn curry: Get the aromatic taste of Durban in your kitchen with chef Farzana Alvarado’s prawn curry. Growing up in KwaZulu-Natal, Alvarado developed a recipe that will always remind her of home.
  3. Unaty’s rosemary barbeque lamb: Serve bakery owner Unaty Daniel’s lamb chops with pap disks is delicious. She puts a modern twist on this South African classic. On a hot day she pairs it with a gin and on a cold day she enjoys a glass of red wine with this dish. Of course, if you’re abstaining in this time of Covid-19, any other fluids will do.
  4. Methoa’s lamb potjie: As winter days are fast approaching, dust off your potjie and spark up a fire for this slow braised lamb as prepared by Methoa Zitha. His love for cooking started when he was only 13 years old.
  5. Siphokazi’s chicken stir fry: This recipe, made by M-Net’s MasterChef SA 2014-winner, Siphokazi Mdlankomo, is simple and easy to make. Sneak in all the goodness of veggies with this chicken stir fry.
  6. Jabulile’s chicken livers: Chicken livers are a staple in Mzansi households. Home cook Jabulile Dube makes these spicy, creamy chicken livers that can be served as an entrée with toasted ciabatta or as a main with a side of pap.
  7. Chef Pete Goffe Wood’s Tbone steak: Steak dinners will always be a hit. You’ve got to try top chef Pete Goffe Wood’s beautiful, buttered steak. He prefers a grilled, dry-aged T-bone, served with rocket and charred onion salad, chips and masala butter.
  8. Chef Pholosho Matondolo’s Pork Stew: Beat the autumn woes with this warm comforting pork stew by Limpopo chef Pholosho Matondolo. This stew dinner will leave your family licking their plates and begging for seconds.
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