Agriculture celebrates Mandela Day

Agriculture’s role in shaping the nation post covid-19 was discussed at a live Food For Mzansi Power Talk hosted by journalists Dawn Noemdoe and Duncan Masiwa.

Guests included the managing director of the VKB Group, Koos Janse Van Rensburg, Keneilwe Nailana from Standard Bank and Rev. Earl Richards from the Step-up Foundation in the Northern Cape.

This discussion comes against the backdrop of says United Nations secretary-general António Guterres’ hard-hitting 2020 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture live-streamed across the globe. He said inequality defines our time and the covid-19 pandemic played an important role in highlighting growing inequalities, and exposing the myth that everyone is in the same boat. “While we are all floating on the same sea, it’s clear that some are in superyachts, while others are clinging to the floating debris.”

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