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Marcia Le Roux, sales executive at Agility Channel, joins Food For Mzansi audience engagement editor Dawn Noemdoe on the latest episode of Food For Mzansi TV.

Primary staff healthcare services can improve people’s health and well-being by supporting them to manage their complex and chronic conditions, says Marcia Le Roux, sales executive at Agility Channel. 

“A strong, accessible primary health care system keeps people well and out of the hospital by supporting them to manage their health issues in the community and at home,” Le Roux says. 

In our 13-week HEALTH SQUARED Agri Update on Food for Mzansi we discuss ways for farmers to support their workforce to be healthier and more effective. 

Ensuring employee health care and well-being 

The Agility Staff Care is a primary health care product that offers outstanding primary and other healthcare benefits through a wide network of providers.  

“This makes it the perfect solution for lower-income staff, ensuring that they too have access to private health care,” Le Roux says. 

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“We know it’s very hard sometimes to get a solution that really caters for lower-income staff and to make sure that they still have accessibility to a private health care sector, but at an affordable rate.  

The benefit of Agility Staff Care is that it provides the organisation with a full health portfolio that is managed by a single provider through an integrated process. This single health report spans across your whole organisation, so it also supports good risk-management strategies. 

“The integrated health report also includes a measurement of the healthcare status of your employees across all the various income levels,” says Le Roux. This means that this solution eliminates integrated service provisions and associated challenges for your employees. 

Benefits of Agility Staff Care Solution 

With a comprehensive and unique range of coverage plans, rewards and benefits, Agility Staff Care is accessible to anyone within the agri sector. Agility Staff Care provides transparent benefits and premiumsaccess to a free Agility rewards program, as well as a complete complementary Agility employee well-being core solution.

Within the Staff Care suite, there are two options available: Flexicare and Flexicare+. Other benefits include unlimited GP consultations through a network of more than 5 000 providers; access to unlimited acute medication, chronic medication, as well as over-the-counter medicationmaternity benefit; radio pathology is covered; dentistry, optometry and there is also a death cover 

“So, this is definitely a well-rounded benefit to ensure access to private healthcare,” Le Roux confirms. “You can see that this really ensures that all aspects of an individual’s health care needs are catered for. This access reduces absenteeism and definitely improves productivity.”  

The other benefit of the Agility Staff Care solution is that the size of the farm does not matter when considering this solution. This is an important consideration for future-focused farmers when considering moving forward and developing their businesses into the future. 

“We would be able to cater for any size, making sure that we get the right fit for the needs that the employer has, no matter the size of the workforce,” Le Roux confirms. 

The ability to provide access to staff healthcare has shown great success, looking at farmers who have been using the Agility Staff Care solution for their workforce. It allows them to get a fantastic return on investment, as well as ensuring that the productivity of the farm is upheld, and the employee absenteeism is reduced.  

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This is definitely a solution that future-focused farmers should consider moving forward if they want to support their workforce to be healthier and more effective.

If you want to find out more about Agility’s Health Squared options, feel free to reach out to Marcia Le Roux via email or by calling 011 796 6425.

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