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8 recipes from Mzansi’s braai masters

Home cooks and chefs share recipes and inspiration for braai season

Let's braai with eight recipes from our arsenal of home cook and chefs. Photo: Supplied

The old saying goes “where there is a fire lit, the people will congregate”. And what is more South African than a good old braai?

Sunhats have been dusted off; skies are bright blue and clear, and the sounds of sizzling chops is thick in the air. Summer season could never really be a thing without a braai or two.

If you’re looking for some inspo to meet #BraaiGoals, why not try eight recipes from our treasure trove of chefs and home cooks guaranteed to make you a hit at (socially distant) braais this festive.

Who does not love a good steak? Try Dané Vermeulen’s rib-eye on the bone with her chimichurri sauce.

The Vermeulen rib-eye on the bone. Photo: Dane Vermeulen

Bone-in ribeye steak is always a delicious cut prized for its tenderness and flavour.

Foodie and photographer, and more recently plant-based warrior, Dané Vermeulen shares her recipe from her carnivore days. It is for the juiciest lip-smacking braaied ribeye steak guaranteed to leave you begging for more.

Pair with any side of your choice and drizzle with her delicious chimichurri sauce.

RECIPE: A meat lover’s dream, ribeye on the bone

That Chimichurri sauce we’re raving about?

Here you go:


Chimichurri sauce:

2 cups fresh parsley leaves

1 cup fresh coriander leaves

1 tablespoon dried oregano

1 fresh chili deseeded

3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil

1 large garlic clove

Salt and pepper


  1. Place all the ingredients in a food processor and process until desired texture.

PRO TIP: If you do not have a food processor you can finely chop all the ingredients and then place it in a bowl. Then add the liquid ingredients and mix well. Add some more balsamic vinegar if you think it needs more acidity.

TRY IT OUT: Ribeye on the bone

Looking for a little finesse to add to your braai plate?

Unaty Daniel’s rosemary and barbeque lamb chops stuffed with mozzarella cheese

Why not make Chef Unaty Daniel’s rosemary and barbeque lamb chops stuffed with mozzarella cheese.

The chef and bakery owner shares her ultimate braai recipe to wow your guests at a (socially distant) braai fiesta this season.

Look, if a braai plate went to private school surely this beauty would be the result. Show off your plating skills and flavour combinations.

Daniel pairs it with a gin and on a cold day she enjoys a glass of red wine with this dish.

TRY: Rosemary and barbeque lamb chops stuffed with mozzarella cheese

Chakalaka, enjoyed by former US pres. Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey

Marabi Club head Chef Katlego Mlambo still recalls one of the most memorable highlights in his ten-year career as the day Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and 500 more of the most important people in the world ate his chakalaka.

This is the very recipe that he used to bring a taste of the Kasi (township) to Washington DC in the United States.

RECIPE: Barack and Oprah had it, now you can too

Chakalaka fit for Barack. Photo: Supplied

A lekker no-muss-no-fuss side? Braai potatoes are the plug

Agree to disagree but potatoes are a global treasure. Flavourful, versatile and yet oh so simple to prepare.

You can make the crispiest golden brown braai potatoes in a cast iron pot/skillet or place them directly on the fire/coals. Trust us you will not regret it.

GET INSPIRED: To braai or not to braai on Christmas Day? Why not?

Braai fondue with an edge

Pumpkin fondue roasted on a braai is sure to foster family conversations.

Instead of dusting off that old white porcelain fondue kit, we’re getting creative and making braai side memories with the fam as we enjoy a selection of breads with Savaria “chef Sav” Nkalashe’s roasted pumpkin fondue.

Word has it melted cheese can mend a broken heart. After the year we have had we are going to need a lot of it.

Oozing with a tonne of flavour while creating conversations is a combo we believe has all the makings of many fun-filled fireside memories.

Enjoy with a selection of meats or with nice, toasted breads and crackers.

NO REALLY TRY IT: Roasted pumpkin fondue made on the braai

Finish with some dessert

The South African peppermint crisp tart oozes nostalgia with every bite and likely jostles with melktert or malva pudding as a country favourite.

Mynhardt’s Braai shashuka. Photo: Supplied

Foodie and self-published author Reezwanah Seedat makes this fresh delicacy guaranteed to be a hit at your next braai.

NO BAKING NEEDED: South African peppermint crisp tart

And so, you have leftovers?

Well make chef Mynhardt Joubert’s leftover braai shashuka. There is no such thing as too much meat at a braai.

Simple, spicy and you don’t really have to leave the house for ingredients, simply raid your home pantry.

RECIPE: Leftover braai shashuka

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