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Land reform: The redistribution deadlock can be broken

Wandile Sihlobo and Prof. Johann Kirsten suggest a way to involve the private sector and farmers in speeding up land redistribution while limiting space for political opportunism.

GPS tracking livestock could improve their condition

It is well worth giving GPS tracking of livestock a try, argues Dr Andiswa Finca, a junior researcher at the Agricultural Research Council. Finca is based in Makhanda and her area...

Women in agriculture ‘cannot pour from an empty cup’

It takes great strength to be a woman in agriculture. Perhaps, on this Women’s Day, we should also encourage these women to reflect, replenish, recharge and rejuvenate, writes Dawn Noemdoe. She is editor: audience and engagement at Food For Mzansi and co-host of the popular Farmer’s Inside Track podcast.

‘When women do better, economies do better’

In this special Women’s Day feature, the Jobs Fund boss Najwah Allie-Edries writes, “Women are catalysts of positive change in society; they are a force for social stability and inclusive development.”

Civil society efforts send ripples of change through SA

The key to combatting food insecurity is the creation of sustainable community-based food supply chains, argues Refilwe Pico, communications officer at the Seriti Institute. This non-profit is a developmental facilitation agency that helps communities and social partners reach their goals by delivering innovative, sustainable and comprehensive solutions to enhance socioeconomic impact.

New Land Court ‘will speed up land claims processing’

The Vumelana Advisory Fund, a non-profit organisation that helps communities in the land reform programme to develop their land post-settlement, has welcomed the progress made so far in efforts to pass the new Land...

Grain services at heart of VKB’s century-old enterprise

VKB has been in business for more than 100 years and its grain services department has been part of the heartbeat of this business right from the start. Today, it remains a critical link in the company’s greater value chain.

People unite in suffering consequences of Durban anarchy

While it was being built in mid-2012, a mosque in Westham Road in Malvern, Durban, made headlines when a severed pig’s head and dozens of posters of pigs were placed at...

A resolute nation: ‘Not in our name, not in our country’

South Africans are tough as nails but, more importantly, we remain a caring nation despite recent widespread anarchy that shook the country to its core. “We can and we will overcome this,” writes Elton Greeve in an exclusive article for Food For Mzansi.

Fire: Farmers’ regenerative tool for livestock grazing

Fire is a tool that livestock farmers must use wisely and carefully, argues Craig Morris, senior researcher at Agricultural Research Council – Animal Production. He is researching the ecology of mesic...

Must Read

9 tips to set up your very own farm in Mzansi

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your very own farm for success. Each farm is unique and has to be looked at in its own context, says KwaZulu-Natal farmer Morgan Brand. Yet, there are 9 steps all small farms have in common.

This Gauteng #SoilSista was not built to break

Mapaseka Dlamini knows that farming is no bed of roses. She’s learnt loads of tough lessons that could easily have broken her spirit. Yet, she reigned victorious.

This farmer learned a tough lesson in cattle nutrition

Winter used to be a stressful time for KZN part-time farmer Sipho Shibe. His cattle's condition has taken a turn for the better, though, since he discovered the sustaining power of Voermol's Molasses Meal.

Ask the vet: Mfethu, here’s why your sheep are limping

This week, a local veterinarian helps a Food For Mzansi reader who recently discovered that some of his sheep have been limping. He warns that lameness can have a severe impact on production, fertility and longevity.

SAPFSA warns: ‘Poultry industry riddled with scammers’

SAPFSA warns up-and-coming farmers against an increase in scammers in the poultry industry. They’re also concerned about exuberant feed prices. Spokesperson Jay Venter says, “How can our industry develop, if no focus has been given to these small little things that matter?”