Event: International Sauvignon Blanc Day

Today marks the 11th annual International Sauvignon Blanc Day. One of the world’s most popular grape varieties, and one of the most widely-planted, Sauvignon Blanc is recognised worldwide for its fresh and aromatic qualities. 

Sauvignon Blanc has found many places to call home, from New Zealand, where it has gained worldwide recognition and acclaim, the Loire Valley, France, where the grape originated, to South Africa, Chile, the USA and beyond. 

Not only are some of the best Sauvignon Blanc wines in the world made in the Cape Winelands, but this grape cultivar is responsible for South Africa’s most popular and most valuable white wine category. 

To commemorate the day, the Sauvignon Blanc South Africa association is hosting #SauvBlancDay Celebrations. Contact them on admin@sauvignonblanc.com or 021 975 4440 for more information.


May 07 2021


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