‘Youth should build an inclusive South Africa’ – Didiza

This week’s Farmer's Inside Track podcast features (from left) Cleopatra Banda, Colin Ohlhoff, Carolien Samson, Mawande Sigwinta ,Thoko Didiza, Kulani Siweya, Aron Kole. Photo's: Supplied/Food for Mzansi

This week’s podcast features (from left) Cleopatra Banda, Colin Ohlhoff, Carolien Samson, Mawande Sigwinta, Thoko Didiza, Kulani Siweya and Aron Kole. Photo's: Supplied/Food for Mzansi

Its Youth Day in South Africa, and today we do not only commemorate the youth of 1976 who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, but we also look at how the contributions of today’s youth can brighten the future of our country.

Thoko Didiza, minister of agriculture, land reform and rural development, praises today’s youth for contributing to growing the country’s economy. Didiza is featured on this week’s edition of the Farmer’s Inside Track podcast.

“In the public sector, young people are developing policies and laws that govern our society,” she says.

There is still more work to be done, however. Many social ills are holding back our country. Didiza believes the youth need to work towards eradicating this.

“[The youth] have to build an inclusive society, where we will look at each other just as South Africans, without looking at our racial backgrounds. They have a task in building an equal society, where men and women, boys and girls, respect and value one another. A society where gender-based violence will be a thing of the past.”

The minister also highlights the importance of existing infrastructure in the advancement of the country and says that this infrastructure is a heritage for the youth.

“This is the heritage that they only have. A heritage that they must build. Some of us were part of those who dismantled apartheid and are part of transcending into a new society, but it is the fruits of that new society that our young people and their children will benefit from. And therefore, it is incumbent on the young people of today to know that they are the builders of today and the future.”

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