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With VKB's QPro Feeds, you can make sure that your animals stay in great shape. Photo: Supplied/Food for Mzansi

With VKB's QPro Feeds, you can make sure that your animals stay in great shape. Photo: Supplied/Food for Mzansi

There are many factors that could potentially limit the growth and health of your animals. The QPro Feeds product line is packed with all the necessary nutrients your animals need, so you can be certain that they stay in their best shape all year round.

Flying under the VKB flag, QPro Feeds develops its feeds in the Free State. The feeds are developed at two facilities, situated in Bethlehem and Vrede, and cater to all kinds of animals.

The Vrede plant produces feed for broilers, laying meal, and pigswill. The Bethlehem facility, which produces feeds for ruminants, wild, and monogastric animals, has recently been upgraded to produce world-class licks. It has also included the installation of a new pellet plant.

The sheep series

One of the products manufactured at the Bethlehem facility is the QPro Ram, Lamb, and Ewe pellets. The product is one of QPro’s best, and is made to supplement feeding for ewes and rams on grazing.

The product is especially formulated to build the condition of the animals, and to make sure that they maintain their body weight. Other uses for these pellets are as flush feeding before breeding season, and as a finishing for the animals.

To adjust your animals, start your sheep off with a 200g serving per animal. Over the next seven days, you can gradually increase the serving to 0.8 per 1% of its body mass.  

The QPro sheep series provides all the nutrients your sheep need. Photo: Supplied/Food For Mzansi

The QPro sheep series is comprehensive, with supplementary feed including the QPro Lambing Pen Pellets, Lamb Cree Pellets, Sheep Finishing Pellets and Stud Ram Pellets.

Taking care of your cattle

Sheep are not the only animals catered for by QPro. Your cattle can also be kept in tip-top shape, especially during spring and early summer grazing changes.

It is usually when these changes take place that cows drop their calves, and thus their feeding requirements change. Using QPro Production Lick 28 as a supplementary feed, you can maintain your cows on veld.

This feed is high in energy and proteins, and provides your cows with all the nutrients they need during this transition.

The key benefits of QPro Production Lick 28 is that it allows your cows to maintain their weight after calving, it increases milk production, and can also be used for flush feeding during mating season. The recommended serving during mating season is 800 to 1200g per animal, per day.

This product, while it does not fall under the sheep series, can be used throughout the year for sheep as well, at a serving of between 200g and 250g per sheep, per day.

Your cattle are well taken care of with QPro Feeds. Photo: Julia Fiander/Unsplash

Making sure that your animals get their daily phosphate requirements need not be an effort. With decent summer grazing, you can add QPro Sumphos 15 P6 to your animals’ feed. QPro Sumphos contains 6% phosphate, as well as 15% protein.

It is ideal for mid-summer under dry conditions, and is one way for you to ensure that your animals get the protein they need. The recommended intake of this product for your cattle is 100g to 200g per animal, per day. Your sheep only need 20g to 40g per animal, per day.

Animal finishing

When it comes to growing out and finishing your animals, QPro Feeds has exactly what you need. With QPro Hefgrow, you can grow out and finish your young animals, bulls, replacement heifers, young ewes and rams.

You will achieve excellent results with this feed in times when there are ample grazing, oats and sorghum available. Hefgro 17 is also ideal for backgrounding of your calves on summer grazing, and contains sufficient energy and growth enhancer to deliver the best results.

The product contains 17% protein, most of which is high-quality bypass protein, the best ingredient for optimal growth. Make sure your animals ingest between 800g to 1200g per animal, per day, for your cattle, and 300g to 400g per day, per animal, for your sheep.

Head to your closest VKB and NTK branch, because QPro Ram, Lamb and Ewe Pellets, Wild Pellets, Hefgrow 17 and Sumphos 15 P6 are all currently on promotion. The promotion ends on Saturday, 30 October 2021, so do not miss this opportunity!

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