Liewe Lulu: I’m ready for love, but…

A farmer thinks she is ready to jump ship following a few hiccups in the first few months of her marriage. Photo: Food For Mzansi

Unlucky In Love (26) from Bothaville, Free State writes…

To say the least, my luck with the ladies has been bad. In the past everything would go well on the first date, up until I mention that I artificially inseminate dairy cows for a living.

Typically, when I break the news to my potential future wife, she would then give me a strange look, reiterate that she doesn’t sleep with men on the first date, and then ghost me after our first date.

I recently met another stunning woman and we’re getting close. I have yet to break the news that I am actually a livestock farmer. I am afraid that she, like many before her, will reject me. Please, help! I really like her.

My dearest Unlucky in Love… 

You’re a farmer and should be familiar with practicing patience. Just like reaping the rewards of a healthy harvest, love takes time, darling. Take your time to know if she is the real deal or not.  

A farmer needs a mate who is willing to sign up for strict, backbreaking working hours, manure-sprayed clothes and your very rough hand strokes. You need someone who understands the demands of what it takes to make it as a farmer in Mzansi.  

It takes time to cultivate real relationships. So, take your time to get to know where she stands with her values. The Twittersphere is abuzz with the concept of love languages and your love language is that you value what you do – farming. If the woman you are currently pursuing fails to understand this, then knock on some other doors, my guy. 

The business of love is like farming, so take it slow. We must remember that at its core love requires the patience of a bloody saint. If she is really interested in you, she will accept you for who you are, rough hands and all, and ride off into the sunset on your tractor.