Liewe Lulu: No farmer is an island

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Liewe Lulu is your designated agri agony aunt. How can she help? Photo: Food For Mzansi

Island Farmer Girl from Tzaneen, Limpopo writes… 

Liewe Lulu  

Can you give clarity on what Girl Code is? I seem to be a bad “girlfriend” because I am always landing myself in hot water with my friends. I farm full-time, have been called insensitive, busy and judgemental. I can’t keep up with all these friendship rules. 

I am 29, so you would think that I’d have a clue, but what are the rules among girlfriends? What lines shouldn’t be crossed, because it feels like I ruffle feathers a lot of the times. 

Dearest Island Farmer… 

Darling, now an old woman of your age is far too experienced to follow anything called a “Girl Code”. 

That’s for TikTokers, babes. And adulthood is hard enough. 

What a woman of your stature adheres to is what we call the “Grown Ass Woman Code.” It’s a set of unwritten and ironclad rules that you simply must follow when you are a grown ass woman.  


The standard rules include:  

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