The Lazy Makoti decided to cook instead of farm…

With her family who has a rich agricultural background, Seshoene decided to the cook food instead of planting it.

With her family who has a rich agricultural background, Seshoene decided to the cook food instead of planting it.

Mogau Seshoene, also known as The Lazy Makoti, is cooking up a storm and it is all done in celebration of South African food.

Although her family has strong agricultural roots, Seshoene decided to cook the food instead of planting it. The 30 year old is a cookbook author and will soon charm South Africans with her culinary skills on television as well.

Growing up, Seshoene did not have to search very far for inspiration, as her mother was always busy with some sort of cooking adventure in the kitchen.

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“I grew up with a mom who loves cooking and is always cooking. We spent a lot of time bonding together through cooking and baking. That’s how I first learnt how to cook,” says Seshoene.

Mogau Seshoene

Every weekend her mother Mamose made either banana bread or cinnamon scones and she would wake up to the smell. Today, she is implementing everything her mother has taught her.

Seshoene grew up in Polokwane, Limpopo and has a younger sister, Mosa. Her mother is a teacher and her father Maile is a pastor. In 2005 she matriculated from St Bedes High School. Afterwards Seshoene obtained a degree in consumer sciences from the University of Pretoria in 2010.

Every holiday she would visit her grandparents, who farmed in a village called Ga-Mphahlele, outside Polokwane. Seshoene would help them feed the animals and pick tomatoes, but to farm never stirred any excitement within her.

“I was never really fond of toiling the land. I preferred to cook whatever they came back with,” says Seshoene while laughing.

Not only was her grandfather a farmer, he also worked as a director at the department of agriculture. A few family members have followed in his farming footsteps, including Seshoene’s sister who is currently studying agricultural engineering. She may have chosen cooking over farming, but Seshoene admits that it will always part of her.

“Agriculture has always been a big part of my upbringing. More so now that I realise the importance of people knowing exactly where the food they consume comes from.”

She is bubbly, confident and everyone loves her food. However, not many people know that she is also very artistic and loves drawing, is obsessed with musicals and that she is afraid of heights.

The secret to Seshoene’s success is the love and passion that flows from her heart into the food she prepares. She has recently released a cook book called The Lazy Makoti’s Guide To The Kitchen. She decided to put the book together after numerous requests and giving cooking classes for four years. It contains good, comforting and easy-to-make recipes. “I wanted to make a book that is reflective of the South African palate,” she says. Later this year Seshoene will debut her own TV show.