Podcast: Talking weather patterns for the season ahead

In this week's podcast, a climatologist talks about weather patterns for the season ahead.

This week’s podcast features (from left) Khethiwe Maseko, Freddie Kirsten, Boitumelo Mhlanga, Johan van den Berg and Aron Kole. Photos: Supplied/Food for Mzansi

The weather for the last quarter of the year is predicted to be relatively favourable for farming. Johan van den Berg, a climatologist, joins us on this week’s Farmer’s Inside Track podcast to examine the expected weather patterns across Mzansi.

“At this stage, there is still a possibility of relatively light frost in the central to southern parts of the country, but relatively warm conditions are expected over the northern parts. And the summer will be in full swing at the end of September, over the central parts and most of the southern parts as well.” 

Van den Berg says that farmers in the central to western regions of the country can expect a little rainfall around December, but farmers towards the east may see rainfall from October or November.  

Parts of the Northern Cape have been facing persevering drought, and van den Berg says this may continue. The weather conditions in the central to eastern parts of the country are more favourable, however. “For the general farmer or crop farmers, there’s all probability that there will be sufficient rain for a relatively good crop, and for the livestock farmers in the central to eastern parts, [there will be] favourable conditions.” 

Apart from the weather, van den Berg also addresses local commodity prices, explaining that a shift in these prices are difficult to predict. “Most of the grain crop commodity price is a derivative of international production conditions, but it seems that [there is a] relatively good chance of a good maize and sunflower and even soybean crop that can put pressure on prices, if the international conditions are favourable.” 

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