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Popular TV host calls on Mzansi to back our farmers


Popular Afrikaans story-teller, singer and TV presenter, Andries Vermeulen, says he hopes that all South Africans will embrace 2019 with an attitude of gratitude “for what we receive from God’s Kingdom”.

The kykNET TV host, and ambassador of Free State Agriculture’s Friends of Agriculture initiative, also called on the nation to support our farmers who are often at the mercy of nature in their quest to feed millions of people.

“It is my wish that we will be grateful for every 5 millimetres of rain, because if we can’t be grateful for 5 millimetres of rain, we will not be grateful for 50 millimetres of rain.

“If we can’t thank God for what we have, we will not receive more because we must first obey the little we have before we get more,” he asserts.

Andries Vermeulen Singer and presenter of “OppieStoep” on kykNET,
Andries Vermeulen

Vermeulen also says his New Year’s wish is that “every farmer and every man shall lay down what he has at the feet of God. His cattle, his sheep, his people, his heart and his existence; by serving God through rearing our cattle and our farms and our people for His kingdom and not for ourselves. When we do it for God, it’s when we actually do what we need to do.”

He’s asked the nation to also be excited about God’s plan for their lives in 2019. “No matter what a parliament, a movement, or an institution might say, accept or reject, God’s promise remains the same for us and it is a pledge of abundance, of life and of multiplication”

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Vermeulen called on all South Africans to support the Friends of Agriculture, a network aimed at bringing together stakeholders to support farmers.

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Chantélle Hartebeest
Chantélle Hartebeest
CHANTÉLLE HARTEBEEST is a young journalist who has a fiery passion for storytelling. She is eager to be the voice of the voiceless and has worked in both radio and print media before joining Food For Mzansi.


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