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guide to farming in south africa

Farmers are the backbone of Mzansi. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find all the info you need. Photo: Supplied/Food For Mzansi

At Food For Mzansi we eat, breathe and sleep agriculture. Just like you. And in trying to bring you as much helpful information as possible, we brought you Farmer’s Inside Track, a collab between farmers, agri economists, researchers and agripreneurs to share as much valuable farming knowledge as we can – with YOU.

Now we bring you our guide of all guides: a one-stop library of our best and most helpful resources for farmers.

Getting started

Sometimes it is difficult to get started. You have this big dream but how do you get there? With farming it can start with anything from finding internships to land to finances.

Building your agri enterprise

After you have started your farming business, there comes a whole new set of challenges. If you have no trouble working the soil but need some help on the business side of things, we have you covered.

With all of our online platforms, it is easier than ever to stay up to date, find resources and connect with the agri community. Photo: Supplied/Food For Mzansi

Managing your farming business

Owning a business and employing other people can get confusing quickly. If you have questions about payrolls, taxes or even workplace injuries, you can find some answers here.

Farm management tips

Maybe you are fine with the business side of things, but the day-to-day challenges of owning a farm can get you down. Especially in Mzansi we face a host of unique challenges such us crop and livestock theft or dealing with the unpredictable support from Eskom.

One of the tips we hear the most on Food For Mzansi is to start small. But remember that no dream is ever too big either. Photo: Supplied/Food For Mzansi

Provincial agriculture department websites

There are many rules and regulations in agriculture that differ from province to province, or provincial opportunities to grab. For these you need to know your provincial department website or have the contact details on hand. Find your province’s agri department here and get acquainted with the website.

Farming ideas

Have you been farming for a long time and you’re trying to branch out into something new? Or are you considering farming and don’t know which type of farming is for you? Here are some ideas of different types of farming, and guides to getting started. Have fun exploring this list of exciting farm guides.

There are many new farming methods to try out and use if you do not want to go for traditional farming. Pictured here is Byron Booysen’s hydroponic farm. Photo: Supplied/Booysen’s Tunnel Farming

The Mzansi agri community

Food For Mzansi has grown from a small media house and being voted as Africa’s best digital news start-up, to being a true multimedia and multiplatform hub for the agriculture community in South Africa. Our offerings to you include podcasts, videos, online news and social media groups, and our topics include everything that might concern farmers in Mzansi, including health. Here’s where you can find us online:

Farmers from across South Africa are featured on the Farmer’s Inside Track podcast. Pictured are Food For Mzansi’s Dawn Noemdoe with urban farmer Sibongile Cele. Photo: Food For Mzansi

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