WATCH: There is Ubuntu in farming for agripreneur Sabatha Segoba

Motho ke motho ka batho. You are because we areUbuntu. This is what makes the entrepreneurial landscape of Mzansi uniquebelieves agripreneur Sabatha Segoba who is featured on this week’s Farmer’s Inside Track video episode.  

Segoba (32) is the co-founder of AMARA NEEMA Agritech (ANAT Group) and Agri-Evolutionyouthled entities that seek to redefine agricultural living in the Free State 

In the interview Segoba gives key insights on the strong foundations of ubuntu in entrepreneurship, harsh lessons he has learnedhis breakthroughs and most importantly loving the land so it can work for you.  

Growing up with a farming background in Parys in the Free State, Segoba says he developed a deep-seated love and appreciation for the soil. “My dad was a farmer and my mother worked as a farm worker, so I grew up loving that life of agriculture and farming,” he explains.  

As a farmer, Segoba believes there is a sense of fulfilment in farming for the people. He adds that prospective farmers should “never stop doing it”, despite environmental challenges. 

“Irrespective of the drought that we go through; irrespective of the water crisis, you can always make nature work for you, provided you are willing to work for nature.”   

Segoba also cautions prospective agripreneurs to steer clear of solely wanting monetary gain in their ventures. He says breaking into the industry requires patience and resilience. 

“If you do it for the money you will always chase money, but if you do what you love for the sake of loving it, money will always come to you.” 

While entrepreneurship may be firmly founded in ubuntu, Segoba advises youth to “never mix business with kindness.” “I went through a harsh time from my beginning as an entrepreneur, but I’ve learned to have an open eye, to be ready for everything and to know who I want to work with.” 

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