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Are you concerned about the amount of time your little one is spending watching a screen while you’re stuck inside during the covid-19 lockdown? Here are some fun, educational games and other options that can make screen time less of a waste of time.

  • offers hours’ worth of educational games and puzzles. The littler kids can have fun while learning about a wide range of subjects, from typing and reading to maths and geography. This is great for kids in the foundation and intermediate phases.
  • Lovatts Crossword Puzzles offers online and interactive puzzles and word games for school-aged kids of all phases. With crosswords, word searches, sudoku and quadra pattern challenges presented in a colourful way, this website offers enough fun to keep them busy for hours, even while developing those braincells.
  • Online Jigsaw Puzzles lets foundation phase kids build easy, 12-piece puzzles online. With a great selection of pictures from cartoons like Dora The Explorer to cute animals, the puzzles can provide some escape from the four walls you are stuck between during the lockdown.
  • offers a great selection of math, reading and writing, typing and even coding puzzles for primary school kids. This really is a great resource with a huge variety of game formats across the different subjects.

Some of these games and puzzles are so enticing and engaging, be careful not to get stuck to your own screen when introducing your child to them!

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