Vaccine: Good news for under 35s, but will they register?

If you are younger than 35, you might join the Covid-19 virtual registration queue sooner than you think. This, as a Limpopo farmer and medical practitioner tells us, “It would be a catastrophic move to leave them behind.”

Covid-19 exposes digital divide in E. Cape schools

Government’s decision to suddenly close schools amid a third wave of Covid-19 infections has, once again, exposed the digital divide between farming and urban communities. This is the view of Joanne...

Illicit cigarette trade already ‘killed 30 tobacco farmers’

“This illegal trade is taking food from our mouths and killing our businesses.” These are the words of Zachariah Motsumi, spokesperson for the South African Tobacco Transformation Alliance, who blames government...

Level 4: Agri SA seeks clarity on new rules for livestock auctions

Agri SA asked government to clarify its stance on livestock auctions following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of an adjusted level 4 lockdown. The agricultural organisation found government’s published regulation to be...

Dashenka’s Indian heritage shines through her food

With her spices homemade to perfection, nothing makes home cook and food business owner Dashenka Naidoo (32) happier than sharing her South African Indian culture through food. Born in Laudium, a small...

‘We feed you, so prioritise us for the Covid-19 vaccine’

While many parts of South Africa is gripped by a third wave of Covid-19 infections, the agricultural sector has pleaded with government to prioritise farmers and their workers for the vaccine. In...

Are agripreneurs the missing links in Covid-19 recovery?

Entrepreneurship is a national asset that helps economies grow and makes them resilient to the devastation caused by crises like Covid-19. These businesses need a supportive entrepreneurial environment and a mixture...

Covid-19 lockdown a blessing for side-hustle poultry farmer

It is a sure thing that South Africa’s imposed lockdown early last year destabilised most farming enterprises across the country. But it also gave some farming enthusiasts a shot at their...

Level 3: Booze restrictions ‘anti-poor’, say liquor brands

While they are relieved to have dodged another blanket clampdown on booze sales, the alcohol industry has levelled various points of criticism against the new Level Three lockdown sales restrictions gazetted...

Kasi chef: No stumbling block too high for Innocent

After more than a year living in a global pandemic it is safe to say that the game of life has changed. Now we live in a world where uncertainty reigns...

Must Read

Standing around might be a good thing after all

Doing farm admin in front of your computer all day? It may sound silly, but Finnish researchers have found that the simple act of standing instead of sitting can help help offset the effects of an inactive lifestyle.

Rural matrics and agri students urged to vax up

After almost two years of disruption in schools and universities, Western Cape MECs Ivan Meyer and Debbie Schäfer are hopeful that vaccines will help the education sector find its way back to some semblance of normality.

Liewe Lulu: Does love always have to be a game?

The games are so exhausting! This hard-working farmer is fed up with the fresh phase of her relationship, and ready to quit the flirting. Of course Liewe Lulu has a pep talk ready.

‘YouTube vet’ Dr Nobs is a voice for the voiceless

With a budding YouTube channel and a deep passion for her community, veterinarian Dr Mukani Nobela is determined to make an impact.

Poor roads should be fixed for economy’s sake

If we want to keep the agricultural sector competitive and see growth in rural economies, we need to protect our vital rural road infrastructure. This is according to the Western Cape government’s senior agricultural economist, Tshepo Morokong.