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Smallholders: Focus on yield, cost of production to unlock potential

In the push for producing as high a yield as possible, farmers often lose focus on what that production is costing them. For smallholder farmers, the cost of producing a tonne of grain on a hectare tends to be more expensive when compared to the costs incurred by an established commercial farmer.

The Makoeles got the land, and they’re nurturing it!

Every Friday, we feature one of the rising farm stars participating in the FarmSol Youth Ambassador programme. This week, we travel to the Free State to meet father-and-son team Lehotla and Morapidi Makoele, who are continuing their family legacy.

New farmers: How to build cattle fencing right the first time

There are lots of reasons why you would want to build a fence on your farm, from separating properties, keeping your animals in and out of certain areas, and for security. But for whatever reason you might be building a fence for, you need to ensure that you do it well.

Podcast: Seeing food systems through a sustainable lens

The United Nations Food Summit is taking place in New York in September 2021, with pre-summit events and dialogues having been held since the start of the year. The purpose of the...

New farmers: How to start farming sugar cane

The South African Sugar Association (SASA) estimates that 19 087 270 tonnes of sugar cane will be crushed from this year’s harvest. If you want to be part of this market, then you need to know how to start farming sugar cane.

Father-and-son no-till farming team builds for the future

Every Friday, we feature one of the rising farm stars participating in the FarmSol Youth Ambassador programme. This week, we travel to the Free State to meet Clifford Mtimkulu, who is...

How to prevent rain damage on cut hay

If you read our article "How to make good quality hay" then you will know how important it is to keep your hay dry. When hay becomes wet a number of...

New farmers: Reasons to supply to fresh produce markets

If you’re a first-time farmer, supplying to the fresh produce markets may be the best way to get your business off the ground, advises farmer Mbali Nwoko, founder of Green Terrace.

Podcast: Tobacco farming is not for the faint of heart

The tobacco industry is notoriously difficult to enter. Jabulani Tembe, a tobacco farmer for the last six years and secretary of the Black Farmers Tobacco Association (BAFTA), tells listeners to our farming podcast that aspiring tobacco farmers need to have loads of patience when entering the industry.

Tobacco farming advice for beginners

Jabulani Tembe, farmer at Laluhle farm in Kosi Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, and secretary of the Black Farmers Tobacco Association (BFTA), says that it is not easy to become a tobacco farmer in...

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From bullied teen to 15yo kitchen entrepreneur

Siphesile Mhlongo (15) from KwaZulu-Natal may not be old enough to drive or attend culinary school yet, this has not stopped her from starting...

Recipe: Sippy’s strawberry shake

Siphesile Mhlongo is only 15, but she's already running her own business, teaching other teens to cook. Having joined her mom to experiment in the...

Chicken farm guide: Tips on chicken feed

Farming with chickens is relatively cheap compared to other farming options. One of your biggest expenses will be chicken feed, so you need to know exactly how to minimise food wastage and spoilage in order to keep your costs down.

African swine fever tips for small-scale pig farmers

African swine fever is no child’s play. It can literally destroy pig farmers overnight. Currently, Mzansi has at least 52 outbreaks across the country. An expert has top tips on biosecurity measures.

Farm dwellers, farmers clash with government over land

Farm dwellers, whose families have lived on Bapsfontein Farm (portion 5 of Varkfontein) near Bronkhorstspruit since 1954, have taken control of 160 of its 222 hectares, claiming that they are the rightful beneficiaries of the land.