The most adorable story you’ll read today. Fact!

This grade 8 learner’s future is so bright, he has to wear his shades! At 14, he is already farming with chickens and veggies in his parents’ backyard. His dream job? You’ll never guess… (No, it isn’t farming.)

Agripreneur 101: Meet a chicken liver manufacturer

For Kyle Oelofse, Chief Executive Officer of Goshen Food Solutions, creating a product that was both high in nutrients and delicious was a matter of extreme importance. The product was created in response to a call from the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP), a government-run programme that offers disadvantaged learners one nutritional meal a day.

The hard truth about being a farm manager

From a rural Eastern Cape village to managing one of KwaZulu-Natal’s top farms. This is the story of Mpumezo Ndima, an inspirational leader who has learnt many tough lessons along the way.

Agripreneur 101: Meet a charcoal manufacturer

Ever thought about taking farm waste and turning it into charcoal? No? Neither has Given Ngwamba, until he was unable to land a job as a sound engineer. He thought long and hard about how he was going to feed his family, and after some unsuccessful trials and errors, he eventually landed in charcoal making. And he hasn’t looked back since.

Photo story: Ndela Farming is a produce powerhouse

Almost 400 000 cabbage heads a year. Branded beetroot and broccoli delivered to the likes of Oxford Fresh Market, Food Lover’s Market and Spar. An own branded truck to transport the harvest to town. Cattle. A few goats. And, of course, lots of sweat and farming satisfaction. That's Ndela Farming.

Climate change: Spekboom project aids farmworkers

An Eastern Cape farming project is set on planting a million hectares of spekboom and, in the process, create better working conditions for farmworkers. Organisers say the project has the powerful potential to also address climate change.

Food security activist: The name is Thabo. Thabo Olivier

Thabo Olivier is not your typical politician. Hs innovative ways of growing food has captured the imagination of people across Africa. And he once moved to an informal settlement to accelerate service delivery after he realised that it was easier to get things done from the inside out.

When science and farming converge, magic happens

Turning unemployed youth into future farmers with a heart for science. This is the mission of two agriculturists who are breathing new life in a Western Cape township. A participant tells us, “Wake up and smell the coffee. Agriculture is the only way to go.”

Farming ain’t no bed of roses. Just ask Solomon

Solomon Makgato spends his weekdays as a salesperson at a Limpopo retailer. After hours and on weekends, he creates magic on his one-hectare backyard farm – even supplying a local Boxer store.

Feast your eyes, Mzansi. Farming never looked this good!

If you ever needed inspiration to get busy, this is it. A quick look through Masimbonge Vuma's photos is enough to make anyone feel the urge to farm.

Must Read

Farmworkers’ children should be free to choose – Didiza

Children of farmworkers must enter the sector by choice and not by circumstance. This was the stern message earlier today (Monday, 25 October 2021)...

Govt. funding delay causes insect research unit to close

Several research units that specialise in the control of invasive species using insects have stopped getting funding from the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE). One unit has already closed down and others are at risk.

Agripreneur 101: Meet a non-dairy yoghurt maker

Moringa, cancer bush, sea moss... As if the flavours aren't enough to make Andile Sasanti's yoghurts stand out from the rest, they are vegan...

Former football star scores winning goal in farming

Many years ago, Thabani Bhengu played professional football for Jomo Cosmos. Today, he is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s proudest farming sons. He tells us, “Agriculture is life. It’s like growing your own cash.”

Guard against heat stress, warn livestock experts

With summer months fast approaching and growing concerns about extreme weather events, livestock experts are warning farmers against the effects of heat stress on their animals. It is not always fatal but can also affect animal production.