Chef Thuso is living a dream not even money could buy

From firmly grounded to flying high – chef Thuso Ntokwe has been there. Hailing from the small North West town of Taung, he was deterred by no money or distance in...

Recipe: Chef Thuso’s lamb rack

When you buy a good rack of lamb, the sky is the limit when it comes to preparing it. Almost any path you take, will turn it into a flavour-packed, succulent piece of heavenly meat.

If it doesn’t say ‘boerewors’, it’s not. It’s simply sausage

Ok, good people of Mzansi. It seems some of us were today years old when we discovered that there’s actually a difference between boerewors and sausage. We got some top tips from a meat specialist. He also tells us why it’s cheaper to buy meat towards the middle of the month.

Get the ‘real’ experience with Farming Simulator 19

Last time we dipped our toes into the world of farming video games we had a look at Minecraft, which isn’t entirely about farming. It’s more a creative building game with farming elements. This time however, we are going full-fledged farming with Farming Simulator 19.

No jokes. Jan Braai is trying out some veggie options

Look, some of us are still recovering from the Heritage Day long weekend… But in typical Mzansi style, many of us are already planning our next braai. This time around, Jan Braai encourages us to throw some veggies on the grill.

Recipe: Jan Braai’s baked bean bunny chow

Nothing screams South African like a good bunny chow. And although you never would have guessed that a master of meats would know his way around it, this spicy meat-free treat comes from none other than the famous Jan Braai.

Feast your eyes, Mzansi. Farming never looked this good!

If you ever needed inspiration to get busy, this is it. A quick look through Masimbonge Vuma's photos is enough to make anyone feel the urge to farm.

Liewe Lulu: Should I take my L and move on?

This week, Liewe Lulu hears from a citrus farmer with a problem. She likes a man, but the feeling isn't mutual. Should she move on?

Why those chops are making your eyes water too

If the price of meat is making your eyes water, chances are you're not alone. The Braai Day tradition is indeed getting more expensive each year.

The village girl who found culinary stardom

With her ever-present smile and obvious skill in the kitchen, Siphokazi Mdlankomo stole Mzansi’s heart on M-Net’s MasterChef series. While working her way towards becoming the competition's runner-up, she wowed the judges with each hearty home-cooked dish. But before she became a culinary star, she was just a village girl who loved to farm and bake.

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Ask the vet: Mfethu, here’s how to prevent cow bloating

This week, an animal nutrition consultant helps a Food For Mzansi reader who struggles with bloating in dairy cows. High-yielding cows often suffer when from high-grain diets, but there are a few tips that will save the day.

African swine fever creeps closer to the United States

African swine fever is making its way around the world, and meat processors and agricultural officials in the United States are hard at work to ensure they are prepared for a possible outbreak of the highly contagious viral disease.

How Voermol changed the game for this Free State farmer

Eugene van der Walt has been farming for just over a decade. His operation has improved drastically since he discovered Voermol’s products.

The most adorable story you’ll read today. Fact!

This grade 8 learner’s future is so bright, he has to wear his shades! At 14, he is already farming with chickens and veggies in his parents’ backyard. His dream job? You’ll never guess… (No, it isn’t farming.)

Inland fisheries policy ‘can only work if implemented’

The inland fishing communities of Mzansi are looking forward to the day they can legally make their living. They have welcomed cabinet's recent approval of the draft National Freshwater (Inland) Wild-Capture Fisheries Policy as a first step towards decriminalising small-scale fishing from the country's rivers and dams. They fear, however, that it might be another five years before policy becomes reality at a local level.