Recipes: Miss SA finalists share their winter delights

As the Top 30 Miss South Africa 2021 hopefuls await crowning, they got busy in the kitchen, cooking up some of their favourite meals.

Plant-based vegan leather options now outshine pleather

A big conversation surrounding non-animal leathers has started in the sustainable fashion community. In recent years, the vegan leather market has expanded beyond just pleather (or plastic-based leather alternatives) and now encompasses a variety of materials.

Beef farmer: I am caught in the middle of my child’s separation

This beef farmer is struggling with an adult daughter who is pouting like a child and an ex son-in-law renting land.

Boyhood dreams now reality for KZN executive chef

As a young boy, chef Zacharia Maseko was told that the kitchen is no place for a man. So, he flipped the script and became an executive chef.

Recipe: Thai chicken and prawn curry

Longing for a bit of Southeast Asian travel? Chef Zacharia Maseko shares his Thai curry recipe to give you a taste of the East.

Hayi suka! A pig farmer who fears women?

This Northern Cape pig farmer thinks he's afraid of women, but your favourite Agri Agony Aunt knows he's actually afraid of rejection.

Chef Khosi made a promise that created a thriving business

Eight years ago, Khosi Mpiti (39) made a vow to himself, following the passing of his mother. To live out her legacy, he would finally become a qualified chef living their shared cooking dream in the professional kitchen.

Recipe: Khosi’s oxtail with mash and sweet corn

Warm up with Khosi Mpiti’s recipe for a tasty oxtail with mash that will have you reaching for the spoon again and again.

LesDaChef: Mzansi mourns king of mogodu and ledombolo

Tributes are pouring in from across the country after the chef, author and television personality Lesego “LesDaChef” Semenya passed away after battling Covid-19. He was 39.

Potato farmer: Messy boots upset my neat-freak girlfriend

This potato farmer's partner is very neat and tidy, but his muddy boots are driving a wedge between them. Is he too messy or is she too much?

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From bullied teen to 15-year-old kitchen entrepreneur

Siphesile Mhlongo (15) from KwaZulu-Natal may not be old enough to drive or attend culinary school yet, this has not stopped her from starting her own food business.

Recipe: Sippy’s strawberry shake

Siphesile Mhlongo is only 15, but she's already running her own business, teaching other teens to cook.

Chicken farm guide: Tips on chicken feed

Farming with chickens is relatively cheap compared to other farming options. One of your biggest expenses will be chicken feed, so you need to know exactly how to minimise food wastage and spoilage in order to keep your costs down.

African swine fever tips for small-scale pig farmers

African swine fever is no child’s play. It can literally destroy pig farmers overnight. Currently, Mzansi has at least 52 outbreaks across the country. An expert has top tips on biosecurity measures.

Farm dwellers, farmers clash with government over land

Farm dwellers, whose families have lived on Bapsfontein Farm (portion 5 of Varkfontein) near Bronkhorstspruit since 1954, have taken control of 160 of its 222 hectares, claiming that they are the rightful beneficiaries of the land.