Home News Step aside, Spider-Man. Kutlo wants a farm-themed party!

Step aside, Spider-Man. Kutlo wants a farm-themed party!

8-year-old Kutlo Mongale, a future farmer, breaks the internet with his farm-themed birthday photoshoot


Yes, farming is a tough and often dirty and sweaty. But that’s clearly not stopping young Kutlo Mongale and his cousins from having fun. Together, on their grandfather’s farm in Christiana in North West, they were recently photographed getting into the clothing #transFARMation and showing off their own farming wardrobe.

You remember the pictures, right? Food For Mzansi recently had the internet buzzing when we wrote about the sizzling farm photoshoot. In the shoot, about 15 women and three children can be seen showing off their khaki getup on the farm.

It turns out the pictures were taken as part of a double birthday celebration for 8-year-old Kutlo and his mother, Ipeleng Mongale.

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Now the inspiration behind the shoot tells us all about their passion for agriculture, khaki, two-tone, veldskoene and, of course, their favourite wide-brimmed hats.

According to Mongale her son has always loved animals. From a very young age he spent a lot of time on his grandfather’s farm with his father. The farm, located on the banks of the Vaal River, has goats, cows, sheep, chickens, donkeys and horses.

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Pictured (from left) Kutlo Mongale, Samkelo Bangiwe and Khumo Pitso.
Pictured(from the left are Kutlo Mongale, Samkelo Bangiwe and Khumo Pitso. Photo: Supplied

Ipeleng, our readers love your pics! What inspired the shoot?

My son and I share a birthday in October. Mine is on the first and his on the second. He is really passionate about farming. His father and grandfather are both farmers, so he spends most his time on the farm. He even asked me to make farming themed cupcakes for his birthday, that’s how much he loves it.

I was planning a shoot and I asked him to choose between Spider-Man or Superman, and he was like, no, he wants to spend his birthday on the farm. Because we celebrated our birthdays together, I asked my friends to also join in on the theme and wear khaki.

These are North West's coolest young aspiring farmers and they are already taking care of their own cattle.
North West’s coolest aspiring farmers are already taking care of their own cattle. Photo: Supplied

What do you love about two-tone outfits and khaki clothes?

I love these outfits so much. I think it really shows that things (in the agricultural sector) are now getting diverse because (people are beginning to understand that) it’s no longer only for white people. Black people are also interested in getting into the farming sector, and I think these images on social media are encouraging more young people to get into farming. When Kutlo saw himself trending on social media it really encouraged him and gave him confidence.

Kutlo Mongale, (left) chose to spend his eight birthday on his gradnfather's farm with his two cousins.
Kutlo Mongale (left) chose to spend his eight birthday on his grandfather’s farm with his two cousins. Photo: Supplied

So, your thoughts on new era farmers taking up space?

I think it’s important for more youngsters to take an interest in farming, especially with this high unemployment rate (in Mzansi). I would like my son to (one day) pursue agriculture because I can see that he is very passionate about it. He even attends the auctions with his grandfather and then comes to tell me all about it. His grandfather dedicated a portion of the livestock to him and his cousin which they are responsible for. They are taking care of their own livestock.

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Duncan Masiwa
Duncan Masiwa
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