Home News 3 things happening in agri today, 25 January 2021 

3 things happening in agri today, 25 January 2021 

Watch the second episode of ‘Vir die liefde van die land’, attend an online conference on improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production, or tune into the international conference on agricultural and biological science (ICABS). E-mail info@foodformzansi.co.za to add your event to our daily agri calendar.


Let’s go, Monday! The new week kicks off with episode 2 of Mzansi’s favourite farmers’ television show. Plus, there are top opportunities to learn about organic poultry and pig production and agriculture and biological science.


Episode 2 of farmers’ TV show

Tonight, in episode 2 of Vir die liefde van die land, viewers meet Alfreda Mars, an inspirational grain farmer who is breaking barriers in the Western Cape. 

The ten-episode series is proudly presented by VKB in partnership with Food For Mzansi and WYRD Films. Having first aired in 2020, the show is back on popular demand in two new time-slots: Mondays at 18:30 and Sundays at 18:00. Catch tonight’s episode on VIA, DSTV channel 147.

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2Organic poultry and pig production 

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This online conference shares unique knowledge on ration-planning, sustainable and regional feeding for pigs and poultry, and welfare selfassessment tools. It includes a policy debate targeting a wide range of audiences including policy makers, farmers and animal welfare associations, processors, feed companies and retailers. This last part might not be of interest for farmers in Mzansi, but we’re sure there will be many other things to learn during this online conference!

Register now on the website, and view the full agenda here. 


Agricultural and biological science 

The International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Science (ICABS) will provide an opportunity for global participants to share their ideas and experience in person, with their peers expected to join from different parts of the world. In addition, this gathering will help delegates to establish research or business relations as well as to find international linkages for future collaborations in their career path. 

Find out more about this international conference on their website. 

How to get your event on our daily agri calendar

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Dona Van Eeden
Dona Van Eeden
Dona van Eeden is a budding writer and journalist, starting her career as an intern at Food for Mzansi. Furnished with a deep love and understanding of environmental systems and sustainable development, she aims to make the world a better place however she can. In her free time you can find her with her nose in a book or wandering on a mountain, looking at the world through her camera's viewfinder.


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