Home Advertorial Agility Healthcard helps farmers prepare for the unexpected 

Agility Healthcard helps farmers prepare for the unexpected 

As one of the industry’s most unique healthcare savings solutions, the Agility Healthcard helps you to provide for unexpected healthcare shortfalls and expenses at any healthcare provider


staff healthcareYour healthcare needs are just as unique as your fingerprint, and your cover should be too, says Marcia Le Roux, sales executive at Agility Channel.  

“We customise healthcare plans according to the size of the farm’s workforce, making sure we can provide a solution that they require,” says Le Roux.  

In our 13-week HEALTH SQUARED Agri Update on Food for Mzansi we discuss ways for farmers to support their workforce to be healthier and more effective.  

The Agility Healthcard  

Whether you are a member of a medical scheme, or without cover, the Agility Healthcard provides not only for your basic healthcare needs but also makes provisions for benefits that are not part of your medical cover. This ensures that you never fall short. 

GUIDE: Affordable medical aid options for farming enterprises

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We know a lot of times it happens that an unexpected event happens and all of a sudden you need funding, and this is definitely the solution for that,” Le Roux explains. “This prefunded savings mechanism allows you to take full control of your healthcare costs while safeguarding against any unplanned medical expenses. 

Used just like a debit card, the Agility Healthcard is also the perfect way for an employer to provide entry-level cover, particularly for part-time or seasonal employees.  It can also be used to provide for added cover in conjunction with medical scheme benefits.  

This Healthcard forms part of the integrated solution mentioned the past few weeks on our HEALTH SQUARED Agri Update. Agility Healthcard can be used by employees as a standalone benefit or as an addon to their medical aid plan. 

Our cashback awards are also funded into the health cost, which means employees can be sure that the extra cash that they are going to get through the cashback awards will be paid back into their Healthcard. They can utilise these funds for all their healthcare needs.” 

Tailormade for you  

With Agility Health Pocket you can build your staff healthcare agility agriown cover according to your budget, lifestyle and needs. This solution includes a menu of different healthcare products, including Healthcard. Each product has different benefits and different levels of coverIt allows you to build your own cover unique to the healthcare solution that you require,” says Le Roux. 

The ultimate result is that you are able to build your own healthcare pocket, that uniquely takes care of your health and needs at any budget, and at any life stage, while also putting cash back into your pocket. 

Value for money 

From the Healthcard you can get funds back, not just debit funds for using on medical costs, but you can also get cashback options paid directly into your bank card.

Through our scheme options, our single claims process and dealing with one point of contact, you can be assured of receiving value for your money,” says Le Roux. 

Agility Healthcard allows you to pay for healthcare services

“And funding this card is very quick and practically effortless,” Le Roux explains. You simply deposit the money into your account via debit order or electronic bank transfer. Alternatively, employers can use the Healthcard as part of a healthcare subsidy to their employees. 

There is also the opportunity to withdraw the cash available on your Healthcard once a year. Members of the Agility Awards Platinum option can use their cashback rewards to further boost, supplement or fund their Agility Healthcard. 

Future-focused farmers 

The Healthcard can be used as a vehicle within the workforce to make sure that employees can use the card should they fall ill and require a doctor’s visit or medication or any other healthcare needs. 

For any future-focused farmer, especially in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, the Agility Healthcard is here to help us all move forward, take care of each other, work together and ensure that our work and operations can continue successfully.  

If you want to find out more about Agility’s Health Squared options, feel free to reach out to Marcia Le Roux via email marcialr@agilitydistribution.co.za or by calling 011 796 6425.

GUIDE: Affordable medical aid options for farming enterprises

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