ARC announces end of Moephuli’s 15-year reign

After 15 years at the helm of the agricultural science institution, Dr Shadrack Moephuli will step down as CEO and president at the end of July 2021.

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The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) has begun its search for a new chief executive following an announcement that Dr Shadrack Moephuli’s 15-year reign ends on 31 July 2021.

Moephuli is currently concluding his third term of office at the science institution. Since 2006 he had played an instrumental role in the ARC’s mission to develop sustainable agricultural systems and economic development through research and innovation.

The organisation says under his watchful leadership, the ARC supported and transformed Mzansi’s agricultural sector by creating and fostering a culture of excellence in cutting-edge research.

Praised for innovation efforts

Dr Shadrack Moephuli, CEO of the ARC, at the signing of a tripartite agreement to strengthen and expand existing collaborations between ARC, CIRAD and INRAE: Photo: Supplied/Food For Mzansi

In a statement, the ARC council thanked Moephuli for his commitment, invaluable contribution and dedication to the organisation.

He ensured that “… the organisation achieves its mandate annually, broadened its international research and development footprint and continue to be financially sustainable with limited public funding and competitive private sector resources.”

His track record includes the ARC’s development and release of new vaccines and cultivars that improved agricultural productivity.

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During his tenure, the ARC’s flagship professional development programme was scaled up from 50 to more than 200 postgraduate students. Now, no less than 20 ARC supported students annually achieve post-graduate degrees.

While its new CEO is yet to be announced, the ARC said it will aspire to ensure that it continues to live up to Moephuli’s vision. The organisation did not indicate when it would appoint Moephuli’s successor.

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