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Liewe Lulu: I got 99 problems and my hair is one

I got the winter blues, and my hair is in danger sis…

Napturally Clueless from Clarens in the Free State writes… 

Sis, my hair needs help. One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to grow stronger, natural, healthy hair. So, I chopped off my relaxed hair and decided to journey into the land of natural hair in a bid to feed and nourish my coils.  

What an experience it’s been. The good days can be really good, where I’d find myself in love with curly tresses.  

But shuu, the bad days leave me miserable and questioning my decision. Especially now that seasons have changed. In the warmer months I would usually moisturize twice a week, but lately I have had to do this more often.  

My hair is extremely dry, constantly frizzy and I am tempted to open up a jar of relaxer and just cut a long story short. Because, hey, I can’t take it.  

Got any tips for a natural girl in distress?  

My dearest Napturally Clueless… 

Your natural hair is a journey, my doll. And as such you should always be prepared for the many twists, knots and bad hair days.  

Natural hair is beautiful, because it is untamed – untamed in a sense where it just exudes power.  

At times, this journey can be frustrating, but it is also very rewarding. Rewarding because darli it takes patience, love and hydration to grow it.  

Winter and natural hair are enemies if you are clueless. The chilly air tends to dry out your luxurious mane. And during seasons like these many naturals struggle to retain moisture, which evidently leads to severe breakage and a tonne of shedding.  

My little birds on the natural hair scene have helped me compile a list of tips for you. 

  1. Protective hairstyles are the saving grace for your coils.  Braid that hair, darling. Crowns need constant care, and this can be done with an occasional protective hairstyle. Wind and the cold air literally suck the life out of your hair leaving it brittle and more prone to breakage. So, whether you are a box braid girl, or a wig girl, it is important that you safely tuck away your ends and protect it from harsh weather conditions.  
  2. Hydrate! Get in that water. Drink it or spray some on your hair. Drench that crown then L.O.C. (And by L.O.C I mean Leave In, Oil and Condition with a butter or crème) 
  3. Deep condition more often. Deep conditioners give your hair more nutrients, especially in the winter. Penetrate every follicle. Always be on the lookout for deep conditioners that contain some fresh ingredients, like avocado and coconut oils.   
  4. Handle her with care. Your hair is an extension of you. Treat her how you want to be handled. Don’t let the knotting frustrate you into submission, take your time when detangling your hair. Always finger detangle, don’t be lazy. 
  5. No beanies. I know its cold, but wool is not your friend. Don’t get it twisted, the rough material will latch onto your hair, causing breakage. But don’t let your ears freeze off just yet. A simple solution? A silk lining, like a bonnet, before you put on that cap will do just fine. 

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