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3 things happening in agri today, 29 January 2021

This weekend is your last chance to sign up for the SA Dairy Championships. Also, tune in to the Afrika Vuka climate workshop and the international conference on soil, plant and water science. E-mail info@foodformzansi.co.za to add your event to our daily agri calendar


Happy Friday, Mzansi! Let’s make the best of today’s opportunities in the world of agriculture. The deadline for this year’s SA Dairy Championships is now just a few days away.

Also look out for skills training opportunities in the climate change workshop hosted by Afrika Vuka, and a global conference on soil, plant and water science in Kenya.


Afrika Vuka climate workshop

Registrations are now open for the AV Climate Workshops held from 12 February to 5 March 2021. Hosted by 350Africa, the AfrikaVuka platform brings together organisers, campaigners and others to explore real-life case studies while gaining skills to manage your own climate campaign in Africa.

This could include the impact of climate change on agriculture. Click here to register. You will meet many inspirational people working to break Africa free from fossil fuels and embrace a sustainable future based on renewables.

2Soil, plant and water science

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Presented virtually from Kenya, this conference on soil, plant and water science provides a platform to gain insight in the current technologies, techniques and solutions as applied in different countries. Participants include a wide variety of stakeholders from academia to industrial sectors, like agriculture, as well as government entities.

Visit the website for more information.


2021 SA Dairy Championships

Monday is the last day to sign up for the SA Dairy Championships hosted by Agri-Expo. Enter your dairy products this weekend to compete for the titles of SA Champion, the Qualité mark of excellence and the Product of the Year, awarded at the South African Dairy Awards.

Any dairy producer with products available in the trade may enter. Online entries for the 2021 SA Dairy Championships open on 11 January 2021 on the website

For more information contact Agri-Expo on 021 975 4440 or email cheese@agriexpo.co.za.

How to get your event on our daily agri calendar

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Dona Van Eeden
Dona Van Eeden
Dona van Eeden is a budding writer and journalist, starting her career as an intern at Food for Mzansi. Furnished with a deep love and understanding of environmental systems and sustainable development, she aims to make the world a better place however she can. In her free time you can find her with her nose in a book or wandering on a mountain, looking at the world through her camera's viewfinder.


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