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3 things happening in agri today, 20 January 2021

Sign up for these two free webinar opportunities for crop risk management and basic lambing skills or join the 3rd day of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture to answer the question ‘How do we feed the world in times of pandemics and climate change?’ E-mail info@foodformzansi.co.za to add your event to our daily agri calendar


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Every day there’s something new to learn in the world of agriculture, and with all the online opportunities, it’s easier than ever to have access to international agriculture learning opportunitiesSign up for two free webinar opportunities, both starting today. You could even join both. If you are looking to expand your knowledge on crop risk management, or basic lambing skills, read below to see where you can sign up. 

If you haven’t signed up for the first two days of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, you’re in luck! There’s still opportunity to sign up today for the last three days and join around 2,000 international participants from politics, industry, science and civil society to discuss agri-food policy issues. 


Specialty crops risk management webinar series

The Farm, Food and Enterprise Development program of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is sponsoring a series of free webinars for specialty crop producers. They will feature new tools and resources on how to manage risk. The webinars will take place on consecutive Wednesdays and this session focuses on “Whole farm revenue protection”. 

Sign up for the webinar here. 


Basic lambing skills for the beginning shepherd 

In this free webinar from the University of Wisconsin Extension’s farm ready research series, you can receive information from the UW-Madison Sheep Unit on ewe and lamb care before, during, and after parturition. 

Sign up for the webinar and other free farm ready research seminars here 


Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) 

The GFFA is an international conference on central issues of vital importance for global agricultural and food policies. It is held in Berlin on an annual basis at the same time as the International Green Week (IGW). 

The forum features a large number of events that provide an international audience of experts from the worlds of politics, business, science and civil society with an opportunity to address and reach consensus on issues and challenges relating to global agricultural policy and food security. 

No registration is necessary to watch. If you want to join in the discussion, simply register here free of charge. 

How to get your event on our daily agri calendar

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Dona Van Eeden
Dona Van Eeden
Dona van Eeden is a budding writer and journalist, starting her career as an intern at Food for Mzansi. Furnished with a deep love and understanding of environmental systems and sustainable development, she aims to make the world a better place however she can. In her free time you can find her with her nose in a book or wandering on a mountain, looking at the world through her camera's viewfinder.

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