Are you a Covid survivor? Be careful with what you eat

The effects from contracting Covid-19 range from being asymptomatic to lingering for the long term. Ensuring the best nutrition during your recovery is advisable for all Covid survivors

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Recovering Covid survivors may still experience health issues for some time while healing from the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, says registered dietician Omy Naidoo. 

Naidoo is spokesperson for Association for Dietetics in South Africa (Adsa). The organisation advises Covid survivors that good nutrition can help to avoid risks of complications and shorten your recovery time.

As with any other illness, nutrition will play an important role in recovery.

Registered dietician Omy Naidoo is spokesperson for Association for Dietetics in South Africa. Photo: Supplied/Health For Mzansi

“Covid symptoms such as the loss of taste and smell can persist for quite some time, and these senses have a major impact on appetite. Chronic fatigue, weight loss, loss of muscle mass and general weakness are common too,” says Naidoo.

“The main goal of recovery nutrition is to provide enough of the nutrients that support healing and, therefore, a loss of appetite is a challenge that needs to be addressed.”

Naidoo points out that different strategies may be necessary if you or your recovering family member are experiencing a chronic loss of appetite. 

He says, “Oral nutrition supplement drinks may be necessary if the person is unable to consume enough protein and calories each day. 

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“Good quality oral nutrition supplement drinks are easy to consume, and they contain a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat and necessary micronutrients.”

Naidoo’s shares some useful general nutrition tips for post-Covid recovery on Health For Mzansi. The advice also includes specific recommendations for Covid-19 survivors with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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