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Liewe Lulu: He’s engaged, and my heart is broken

This Bloemfontein farmer is feeling a little insecure after her ex left her for another woman

Down-and-out from Bloemfontein in the Free State writes…

Liewe Lulu,

Last year I met the finest, sexiest, established man at a Macufe event in the city. Well one thing led to another, we ended up going home together that night, fell in love and dated for seven months.

It was a whirlwind on-and-off romance, filled with bickering, explosive fights, and equally passionate make-up sex!

Well that is until he dumped me, of course, saying that I was too busy, too young, and just not the woman he was looking to spend the rest of his life with.

I am 28 and head a vegetable cooperative of Ten women on a 5.5-hectare plot in Ferreira, while he is 40 and is a higher-up in government.

I was crushed, but accepted the decision until I found out that he got engaged, six whole months after our breakup.

I discovered it while engaging in the time-honoured tradition of social media stalking. it was right there in plain sight on his Instagram page.

The kick in the teeth that I was never ready for, was that this mystery woman would be this b***h that is a part of my cooperative. She was with me the night I met him!

She is stupid, infuriating and silly. All that keeps running through my head is HOW, Lulz?

How did she manage to get the ring in all of six months? To make matters worse does she not grab every opportunity to brag about the massive engagement ring on her thin, bony finger when she sees me at co-op meetings?

When I tell you this woman is obnoxious I am not kidding.

I am not okay. Every time I see how happy they are it gets harder to hold back the tears.

He is different with her, kinder and gentle.

How can such a vile woman get engaged and someone like me, who is smart, funny, friendly and cute, be single?

It is unfair, how do I move past this rubbish?

My Dearest Down,

Trust me, my angel, we have all been there. Whether you were together for eight, ten or nine years, it does not hide the fact that you and your ex were toxic.

You can call that woman all the names in the anti-feminist dictionary, the reality is that something pretty substantial was not right between the two of you.

Breakups are the worst. Period. And it happened. You have found yourself down the rabbit hole of unanswered questions, wondering, pondering. Your head filled with stories that attack your confidence and leave you wondering if you will ever be good enough.

Just a side note, tearing down another woman will not increase your value. You may have all these things to offer, but what she brings to the table adds more value to the Macufe Casanova. Their love story is one you should not concern yourself with, we move.

Now come up for air and drink from the cup of closure to swallow the bitter pill life has handed you.

To get over Macufe Daddy, you need to stop hating that woman. They did you dirty, yes, but walk the high road!

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