Property transfers unlocked as deeds offices reopen

Land, housing transactions can now proceed again after covid-19 lockdown measures relaxed

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Property transfers that were in limbo since the start of the covid-19 lockdown will be unfrozen from tomorrow, with deeds offices opening nationally and with some services rendered exclusively online.

The chief registrar of deeds has also announced that no interest will be charged on deeds trading account debt during the lockdown.

Reggie Ngcobo, media liaison of the department of agriculture, land reform and rural development, confirmed that all services performed by the deeds offices, including the transfer of land, houses and other properties, will be permitted to members of the public.

All services will be available and all lodgements will be accepted. The members of the public and clerks will however not be allowed in the buildings. Only conveyancers will be allowed to enter the buildings. In big offices their consultations will be controlled through appointments.

The Office of the Chief Registrar will load all notices for applications for copies of lost deeds online on DeedsWeb for public inspection. Information will be available for the public on DeedsWeb and via emails.

The Chief Registrar of Deeds has issued a notice that no Deeds Trading account debt will incur any interest during the lockdown.

Level four lockdown regulations require that the department puts in place the necessary health measures to ensure smooth running of the offices.

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