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RECIPE: We’re making Japanese fried rice

All aboard as Maruwaan Christians (30) transports you to the vibrant streets of Tokyo with his recipe for Yakimeshi, a fried rice dish with prawn


No, you do not need a Teppanyaki grill to whip up a bowl of Maruwaan Christians’ savoury Japanese fried rice.

Make Christians’ yakimeshi, a rice dish traditionally made using leftover veggies, meats and seafood.

If you have leftover rice on hand and are craving something exotic, try Christians’ recipe for Japanese fried rice.

Itadakimasu! (Let’s eat)

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500g chopped prawn meat

1kg cooked sushi rice

50g diced carrot

20g chopped spring onion

10g chopped chives

20g chopped red onion

3g salt

2g 7-spice

10g crushed garlic

20ml olive oil

120ml soya sauce green

Avocado (optional)


  1. Coat wok with olive oil and place over low heat. Add spring onion and onions to braise.
  2. Once lightly browned, add crushed garlic and prawns. Stir to mix in flavours.
  3. Add 7-spice and salt. Stir for 5 mins while still on a medium heat.
  4. Add rice and mix well until most of the grains received flavour from previous mixture.
  5. Add soya sauce and mix well until most grains are brown in colour or received a touch of colour.
  6. Put mixture in a serving bowl and add carrot. Mix well.
  7. Garnish with chives and avocado. ENJOY!

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