Home News Three things happening in SA agriculture today, 21 October 2020

Three things happening in SA agriculture today, 21 October 2020

Tune into the annual National Dairy Performers Awards and don’t forget to complete a farm crime survey and to apply for the potato industry bursaries


Greetings Mzansi! As the week marches on, we will be celebrating our country’s top dairy achievers in the annual National Dairy Performers Awards.

Farmers above the age of 18 are also invited to take part in a voluntary survey about farm crime in South Africa. Also, pupils who want to pursue a career in agriculture are encouraged to apply for a bursary provided by Potatoes South Africa.


Annual National Dairy Performers Awards

Today marks the ARC annual National Dairy Performers Awards. This event, one of the highlights on South Africa’s agricultural calendar, features some of our country’s top dairy producers in the industry.

The awards will be hosted on the Agri Expo Livestock website on behalf of the National Dairy Recording and Improvement Scheme of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) at 19:00 virtually this evening.

The purpose of the Master Dairyman competition is to acknowledge South Africa’s most outstanding achievers in breeding genetically superior animals, using performance recording and performance testing as tools. Recognition is given to superior commercial and small-scale herds and awards are allocated to winners in various categories.

To be part of this event at no cost visit www.livestock.org.za/arcmasterdairymanawards.


South Africa farm crime survey

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Farmers over the age of 18 are invited to complete a voluntary survey by the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) about farm crime in South Africa.

The aim of this survey is to understand your experiences and perceptions of farm crime. Your attitudes towards the policing of and criminal justice responses to farm crime and your awareness and implementation of crime prevention measures are also being surveyed. In addition the survey seeks to understand the impact of farm crime on the marketing of agricultural products.

To take part in this 15-20 minutes survey follow this link.


Potato industry bursaries

Undergraduates and postgraduate students studying towards an agriculture qualification in a tertiary institution is South Africa are invited to apply for bursaries provided by the Potato Industry Development Trust (PIDT).

The primary goal for providing these bursaries is to provide talented young students the opportunity to develop their skills and enhance the technical capacity of these enterprises. This while making a contribution to ensure that well qualified scientists are developed to address the research needs of the potato industry.

Interested parties can click here to apply, opportunity closes on 31 October 2020.

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