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3 things happening in agri today, 2 February 2021

Today is World Wetlands day, it’s the 10th SA wine harvest commemorative event , and there is also the option to attend a virtual webinar on the topic: 'Building back better: How can public food and agricultural research organisations in the global South be strengthened after Covid-19?' E-mail info@foodformzansi.co.za to add your event to our daily agri calendar.


We did not think we’d be able to say this, but let’s raise our glasses to the wine industry celebrating 362 years since the first vintage was planted. Also, it is World Wetlands day, marking the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971 of which South Africa was part of.

Of course, there’s never a dull day in agriculture. The Covid-19 pandemic presents new challenges and new opportunities for food and agricultural research in the global South. And this topic is explored by the International Food Policy Research Institute’s webinar today.


Shaping the food industry’s future

Tune in to this exciting webinar if you are interested in shaping the future of food and agricultural research beyond Covid-19. The webinar looks for ways to “build back better” after the pandemic. Ben Durham, chief director: bio-innovation at the department of science and innovation, is one of the featured speakers. 

The event is from 16:30 to 18:00. Get more information here. 

2Virtual Wine Harvest commemorative event  

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Every February, the South African wine industry holds an event to honour the new harvest. Winemakers and wine lovers alike join in the celebrations. This year, it takes the format of a specially produced virtual event which will showcase and pay tribute to the trailblazers in the industry, and pay homage to the origins of our exceptional South African wines. The event includes performances by the internationally acclaimed opera singers and sisters, Pretty and Nombulelo Yende. 

Join the celebrations at 19:00 on www.sawineharvest.co.za.

Sign up for your complementary access here. 


World Wetlands Day 

South Africa is a water-scarce country, and the water in many of our streams are polluted. Both droughts and floods are common. In this regard, wetlands play a vital role by removing toxic substances and sediment from the water, while also improving downstream water quality and the overall health of communities.  

Celebrate World Wetlands Day by taking steps in your own life to ensure that you protect these wonderful ecological occurrences. Read stories from around the world about the importance of wetlands here. 

How to get your event on our daily agri calendar

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