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ADVERTORIAL: Consider VKB for your next grocery and household shopping trip


Have you been to a VKB retail store recently? If you haven’t, you may be in for a very pleasant surprise.

While retail stores have been part of the VKB co-operation structure since the entity was established more than 100 years ago, we more recently also started catering for the general consumer in our service area.

Today the company has a network of modern, consumer-friendly retail outlets that offer a very attractive option for a wide range of everyday shopping needs, including groceries and household products.

Just like a century ago, we still consider our business units as showcases for existing as well as potentially new clients. The primary purpose of the business units are still to ensure that the producer’s needs for a sustainable, profitable business are fully met. That is exactly why the core of our offering still consists of the supplying of fertiliser, seed, chemicals, animal feed, animal health products and fuel.

VKB is currently busy with the construction of a new shop in Harrismith. Photo: Supplied

In the modern era of retail the opportunity arose to extend our offer in order to be considered when the general consumer in our service area starts looking for options to supply in their needs. Modern, dynamic agricultural companies tend to incorporate retail efficiency as part of their strategy for this very reason.

VKB wants to ensure that the general consumer increasingly becomes more familiar with the company’s product identity and offering, and that the shopping experience doesn’t lack anything compared to existing retail competitors.

In order to achieve this, product ranges are constantly investigated and extended where needed, with the focus on offering renowned, quality brands at competitive prices to clients. In cases where the market requires it we also offer alternative, more economic options, backed by a guarantee policy for total peace of mind.

In order to achieve the goal of operational efficiency and profitability, the supply chain and logistics must operate optimally. VKB uses distribution centres throughout our service area. Economies of scale are being used to negotiate the best prices and also to ensure that products are on shelves in our shops in time and efficiently to prevent any disappointment.

The supply of products in our shops are structured according to modern trends so that clients can enjoy the comfort of buying per department, while we ensure that our staff receives training in order to support clients regarding their needs.

Promotions and special deals offer seasonal bargains to our clients.

VKB strives towards the improvement of systems in order to create a shopping experience where we can serve more clients with satisfaction.

Lastly, the upgrading of our facilities and also geographical extension are constantly part of our agenda. This is exactly why we are currently busy with the construction of a new shop in Harrismith, where customers will enjoy exposure to a totally new offer, which was up to now limited by space. We are looking forward to welcome you at the new store shortly. As a teaser we include representations of what can be expected. We are all very excited about the future in Harrismith.

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