Fight fatigue with these high energy foods

Feeling tired has become very common in the hectic pace of the pressurized lives we lead. Time to dig around in your vegetable garden and shop for foods that will boost...

Will the wine industry’s Pastor Lukau please stand up?

Funny, isn’t it, how one of my all-time favourite films, Pulp Fiction, has so much in common with wine. Gen Z might never have heard about this 1994 American crime thriller...

Send us, Mr Ramaphosa, a new generation of farmers

A 17-year-old aspiring farmer from Tzaneen in Limpopo has heeded Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa’s “Thuma Mina” call, pledging his support to build a better South Africa for all. Stefan Corbett, the head...

Opportunities abound for black winemakers, but what about ownership?

With the South African economy still in a tight spot, perhaps the best opportunity lies in being a disruptive winemaker with a vengeance for a devious malevolence. This might sound cruel,...

Here’s why you really should be nuts about almonds

The “health nuts” amongst us seem to be going nuts about almonds. Seriously. A nut such as an almond really is a life-source. It provides nutrition for the growth of a new...

These days they call me the wine ‘farm’acist

The name is Bothman. Heinrich Bothman. It’s corny, right, but I’ve always dreamed about using this line since I first got introduced to the James Bond film series. Well, you don’t...

To be a young black farmer in Mzansi

A new sense of urgency has entered South Africa’s land reform process after the country’s parliament took a resolution to amend the constitution to effect land expropriation without compensation. But even this will...

Must Read

New farmer: How to build cattle fencing right the first time

There are lots of reasons why you would want to build a fence on your farm, from separating properties, keeping your animals in and out of certain areas, and for security. But for whatever reason you might be building a fence for, you need to ensure that you do it well.

What you can do to prevent another booze sales ban

The alcohol sales ban has been lifted, but don’t be fooled: government won’t hesitate to impose another ban if Covid-19 continues to surge. Alcohol consumers have to play their part in drinking responsibly if they’re serious about saving the tattered industry.

Civil society efforts send ripples of change through SA

The key to combatting food insecurity is the creation of sustainable community-based food supply chains, argues Refilwe Pico, communications officer at the Seriti Institute. This non-profit is a developmental facilitation agency that helps communities and social partners reach their goals by delivering innovative, sustainable and comprehensive solutions to enhance socioeconomic impact.

Tragedy strikes Mauwane on ‘coldest night of the year’

Eric Mauwane, a vegetable farmer from Gauteng, lost everything on what was described as the coldest night in Mzansi this year. A heartbroken Mauwane tells us, “Everything is gone. The farm is completely gone.”

KOO recall: No, you really can’t eat defective products

Many are still holding on to some of the defective KOO and Hugo’s products that were recalled. Surely, all 20 million cans can’t be defective, right? Yes, says a top food expert, but “none of the recalled batches should be consumed.”