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Liewe Lulu: Do I risk it all for love?

Bae wants me to choose between him and my career…

Uprooted from Bloemfontein in the Free State writes…

Liewe Lulu,

I have finally caught my fish! And oh, my what a big fish he is. I am crazy in love and so happy.

One problem though, I have recently been offered the opportunity to move to Cape Town for a major job opportunity as a PR agent for a wine brand in the Cape.

I live and breathe public relations, and absolutely love my vino, so this is my dream job.

When I told bae, he was not too happy with the idea of me moving. I suggested he come with me, but he hates the Western Cape with a passion and has given me a bit of an ultimatum.

He has offered to take care of me if I refuse the offer. While his alternative offer is tempting and he is so supportive already, I love what I do, wholeheartedly. The thought of playing happy housewife scares me to my core, but saying no could also cost me my relationship.

Do I choose him and miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime?

Please help.

My Dearest Uprooted…

Haibo, darling. You make Liewe Lulu want to dust off her finest bottle of champers (that I have been saving for a rainy day and sanity) and drink away the jitters that your letter has caused her! I am anxious and shaken to my core by this conundrum of choice.

But you, my love, must heed my words when I tell you that whenever a woman has to ask if she should choose the man, she shouldn’t…

Just a side note, that is a selfish man, but khe that is a story for another day.

Love will always be a top choice in my books, but love must never clip your wings, hey. And your “man” can never get in the way of you and your progress mo lifing. This man who supposedly loves you should openly celebrate your victories no matter how small and allow you to live out your wildest dreams.

Whichever ledge you want to jump off, career girl or “devoted wife” is a choice that you must make and accept the consequences of the decision afterwards.

You will honestly forever regret doing the opposite. You are a fierce female, please act like it!

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