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Liewe Lulu: I need a break…

How can I meet all expectations and still have time for myself?

Depleted Farmer Mom from Stellenbosch in the Western Cape writes… 

Liewe Lulu, 

I am depletedAs a mom of four and vegetable farmer in Stellies, balancing life while farming means I am physically and emotionally exhausted most of the time. Before I started farming, I loved visiting the spa just to break away but with my new career can’t afford it. How can I bring the spa to me? With lockdowndemands have been high and I’m really starting to feel the pressure. Give a sister some tips! 

Dearest Depleted Farmer Mom 

Nana, the most important tool you have in your arsenal as a farmer is your body. Second to that is your spirit. You only have one body to farm with and this needs to be treated with care and respect. No matter how much the spirit is willing, you need to proactively take care of that flesh. Practice self-care 

When people think of self-care, we think expensive, self-indulgent shopping trips or massages at a fancy spa. But it does not have to be costly. Self-care is actively taking time for yourself. For aches and pains, epsom salts is your new best friend. Soak in a nice tub filled with this and lavender oil just to relax and destress.  

Essential oils are also your friend, by the wayIf you can’t afford to book time with a masseuse, then get a tennis ball or one of those foam rollers and do a DIY massageSurely these tips will ease the strain. 

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