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Liewe Lulu: Is my man a leech?

He gives me all the emotional validation, but running a chicken enterprise is too taxing for me to also support a grown man…

Piggy Bank (35) from Malmesbury in the Western Cape writes…

Working as a chicken farmer, I already have so much on my plate. Day to day I’m stressing about the infrastructure of my coops, keeping my birds fed and healthy and shovelling chicken s**tbut that’s really the least of my problems

Last year I decided to dip my toe into the dating pool and met a wonderful man named Mandla. He’s younger, care-free and emotionally available, but the problem is his financial situation is the pits. 

With no stable income, I end up carrying the brunt of our mutual expenses, like paying for date nights and weekends away. He lives with his mom and we’ve recently started discussing the prospects of moving in together, but I am honestly worried that I will have to maintain him.

Mandla is emotionally stable and gives me the support and affection that I need, but I tend to worry that he is only in it for the money. Please help…

My dearest Piggy Bank, 

I suspect we’re dealing with a gold-diggerAsk yourself two things: Are you willing to stay and wait for this man to live up to his true potentialOr will you avoid the financial risk of supporting your partner and move on? 

Yes, being broke is not a crime, but staying broke and financially unstable can become problematic in most relationships. If you’re truly interested in building a future with Mandla then have an open and honest discussion about his bank balance  

The only project you’re the manager of is yourself, smake sure your expectations are known and clearly understood before you take that leap and move in with him! 

You are a successful businesswoman and you don’t farm with leeches, so lay your cards (not your bank cards) on the table and ask Mandla what his plans are for the future before you take the next step.  

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