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In the age of mechanisation, where we rely on machinery to do our work for us, it is important to realise that we cannot just throw away our machines when something breaks. VKB Mechanisation provides spare parts and workshops so that you can fix your trusty trucks and tractors instead of making them obsolete before their time.

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We live in the age of mechanisation: a time where we rely on our technology and our trucks and our elaborate sprinkler systems to do the brunt of the farm work for us. Anybody who has worked with machinery for years will know that when something, even something small, breaks, your whole operation can come to a standstill.  

We rely on these mechanisation items daily, and when something breaks, it needs to get fixed. Fast.  

The problem is, spare parts aren’t always available, or when they are it can take ages to get the machine transported to the nearest workshop and get someone to work on it.  

VKB realised that there is a dire need for workshops and spare parts to be made more widely available to farmers, so we established VKB Mechanisation with the main goal to make sure that every producer gets the right product for the right application. 

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Although the Mechanisation division does not make the largest profit contribution to the VKB group, it is a critical division of the group. By supplying spare parts, workshops and whole goods as well as owning two tire divisions, the VKB Mechanisation division is all about being of service to producers. 

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The first Mechanisation branch opened on 1 March in 1978 as a result of producers’ needs for tractors and farm products. Now VKB Mechanisation has grown to serve the needs of producers with 13 spare part branches, 12 workshops and 12 whole goods marketers, as well as two tire divisions. 

Expert technicians everywhere you need them

Geographically, VKB Mechanisation serves a widespread region that stretches from the Eastern Free State and Mpumalanga to Limpopo.  

To name a few branches: in the Eastern Free State, Bethlehem is the crown jewel where VKB has a large mechanisation department. Another is in Delmas in Mpumalanga. There are more branches throughout the Eastern Free State and also branches in the far north in Louis Trichardt and Tzaneen. 

VKB Mechanisation division
Geographically, VKB Mechanization serves a widespread region and stretches from the Eastern Free State and Mpumalanga to Limpopo. Photo: Supplied

As VKB’s Mechanisation division is developed purely to be of service to producers, we are happy to be of service through the establishment of three equally important divisions: 

  • The whole goods department, which handles sales to the producers over a wide product range.  
  • Spare Part branches, where VKB provides their producers with parts. Not only for the products they bought, but also a wide range of other products. 
  • Service, maintenance, and repairs, all with the products that are sold in the workshops. 

In the Eastern Free State we have a large number of Mechanisation branches that are ± 50 km apart. Most farmers don’t have to drive far to be at Mechanisation service points. 

Tired of waiting days or weeks for your repair work to be done?  

VKB knows how important it is that you get your farm equipment back as soon as possible so that you can get your work done.  

Well, with 32 mechanics across three provinces, and 26 apprentices training to turn into future, well-qualified mechanics available for producers, VKB is currently spending a lot of money on precision farming practices to strengthen their network to their producers. VKB also ensures that we hire highly trained technicians who regularly attend courses and are up to date with the latest technology. 

VKB has its own precision farming network 

VKB has their own tire division with the Best Drive franchise where we sell new tires to the public, do wheel balancing, as well as wheel alignment. At the workshops each mechanic has their own service vehicle with which they can provide services right on the farm where they are needed. 

Repairs are done in the workshops, as well as all standard services on new equipment. At the spare part departments, the parts of all the products that their marketers sell are supplied, and generic lines are also available. 

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, VKB shareholders receive turnover bonuses on all purchases they make at Mechanisation. 

VKB has the largest range of products that can be offered to customers. Visit the VKB Mechanisation website at, or see our selection of used equipment at All the contact details for VKB’s Mechanisation branches are available under the “CONTACTS” tab.  

(PSST, we currently have promotions on our hay equipment) 

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