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ADVERTORIAL: VKB has a head start in the mechanization race


Mechanization remains one of the critical cornerstones for every sustainable agricultural producer. The mechanization industry is developing at an ever-increasing pace to keep up with the best in agricultural production practices.

With the evolution of the industry underwritten by a scientific approach, more and more pressure is placed on role-players in the supply chain to remain relevant. The competition to maintain market share in the face of other players with more innovative developments, is intense. This practice also holds a certain advantage for the producer

In an era where nanotechnology determines the scale of efficiency as well as profitability, the VKB Group is in a favourable position to associate with the technology and equipment from Case. As an authorised Case dealer in the Eastern Free State and Limpopo VKB Mechanization aspires to bring the latest technology and equipment to the doorstep of the producer.

In order to supply in the comprehensive demand of the modern producer, VKB Mechanization has closed additional supply agreements with local as well as international brands, including the likes of Amazone, Falcon, Agri-Cad, Equalizer, Jupidex, Rovic Leers, to name but a few.

The equipment, however, needs the support of the twin pillars of Spares and Workshops. These complete the important chain in the mechanization offering.

In terms of spares, our focus remains on the Case product, but the range is expanded to ensure that we remain a one-stop solution for the total mechanisation needs of our clients.

Workshops with qualified staff render an undeniable support service to each and every producer. VKB Mechanization’s continued focus on training ensures that clients enjoy absolute peace of mind that their investment is in good hands.

All producers are invited to contact VKB Mechanization for professional service, competitive rates and a world-class offering that will align the producer with the best contemporary equipment and technology. We are looking forward to be of service to you.

Click here for contact details, or here for the recent classified listings on used equipment.

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