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The 5 components of a solid home workout


Lockdown is a big challenge for super-fit gym-goers since all gyms are closed and movement outside is pretty much limited, but there are some exercises you can do while stuck indoors. Dr. Kevin Steele, an exercise physiologist, tells WebMD that any effective fitness program only has five components.

In other words, you only have to do the following five things during your home workout:

  • A warmup.
  • A cardiovascular (aerobic) workout.
  • Resistance (strength-building) exercises.
  • Flexibility moves.
  • A cooldown

A warm-up could be an easy walk outside or on a treadmill, or a slow pace on a stationary bike. For the cardiovascular portion, walk or pedal faster, do step aerobics with a video, or jump rope — whatever you enjoy that gets your heart rate up.

The resistance portion can be as simple as squats, push-ups and abdominal crunches. Or you could work with small dumbbells, a weight bar, bands or tubing.

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