Three things happening in SA agriculture today, 28 September 2020

Entrepreneurs are urged to jump on the fast train towards digital prosperity, the African Union launches an online course for industrial policy development and we meet a cellar master in today’s AgriSETA Learner Connect

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It’s a new week and the last Monday of September 2020 as we fast approach October with more agricultural action to tackle. If anything, 2020 will surely be a year to remember in our books. But we’re taking the global economic recovery process one baby step at a time.

Meanwhile we’re set for a bustling Monday for farmers, entrepreneurs and agri-enthusiasts with Food For Mzansi as your navigator of choice.

First up we attend a webinar presented by the UK-South Africa Hub, who will launch a free three-part workshop series allowing entrepreneurs and small businesses to drive sales and development online amid the global pandemic.

The African Union (AU) launches a month-long agro-processing development course. And we meet a cellar master with ample insights to offer on the wine industry.


All aboard the digital bandwagon

Covid-19 and the national lockdown have significantly impacted the ability of South African businesses to make sales and earn revenue. Now, entrepreneurs require online sales skills in order to survive, especially in response to the suddenly accelerated global digital migration.

To guide entrepreneurs as they enter the world of online sales, the UK-South Africa Tech Hub, powered by The Loudhailer, will be offering South African tech entrepreneurs and SMEs the opportunity to join a free, three-part workshop series focused solely on getting participants sales-ready by the end of 2020.

The UK-South Africa Tech Hub forms part of the International Tech Hub network delivered by the United Kingdoms’ department for digital, culture, media and sport under the Digital Access Programme – a UK government initiative designed to build inclusive prosperity through capitalising on digital services and opportunities in partner countries.

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The series is set to focus on equipping interested parties with digital and marketing expertise and grow their business online.

The inaugural session kicks off at 12:00 and will focus on how entrepreneurs can access and make use of ecommerce solutions and digital marketing initiatives to drive business sales, growth and development.

Register for the free webinar hosted on Microsoft Teams here.


Improving agro-industrial policy

The African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) will today launch an online course programme on industrial policy that will run until the 31st of October.

The aim of the course is to contribute to strengthening capacity at the national and regional levels for effective design and implementation of policy catalysing accelerated growth in the continent’s agro-industry in support of the African Continental Free-Trade Area (AfCFTA) ambitions for inclusive, sustained economic development.

The programme will address the policy concerns expressed by most African governments, which includes, improving agricultural output and productivity, nurturing the linkages between agriculture and the industry sector in particular, without leaving behind other economic sectors, increasing national food security, combating poverty, expanding employment, promoting environmental sustainability, and enhancing sustainable rural livelihoods, including gender equality.

The course will be offered in English and French. Further details can be obtained from IDEP Training and Research Division: Tel: +221 33 829 55 00 Email:


AgriSETA Learner Connect: Meet a cellar master

Do you know a school learner interested in becoming a cellar master? Tell them that cellar masters have actual “spider senses” and they make wine! Don’t believe us?

Then tune into today’s AgriSETA Learner Connect podcast episode, where we meet an actual cellar master – Charles Williams.

A cellar master lives by their senses. And by this we mean their sense of smell and their sense of taste. They are meticulous and have a keen eye for the tiniest nuances in colour and shade. But hold up, that is not all!

They have a heightened awareness of aromas and taste and a knack for understanding how to combine said flavours to come up with unique tasting wines.

The position of cellar master is without a doubt the most crucial when it comes to making wines, and Williams will delve into the career, sharing insights on what it takes to make it in the industry.

Missed out on the last episode? We got you covered, tune in here.

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