Valentine’s Day: 2 NUXE hampers up for grabs!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and Food For Mzansi and NUXE are giving away two luxurious self-care hampers! Whether you’re single or chasing #relationshipgoals, here are 5 skincare tips to get you ready for 14 February

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The official countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun. Whether you’re locked down with your significant other or flying single, it’s time to kick your self-care regime up a notch.

Simply sign up here for our weekly Stories of Change newsletter, and stand a chance of winning one of two NUXE Bio Organics hampers valued at nearly R3 000 each. Scroll down for details.

So, Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and romantics can indulge in their gooey, icky, and vomit-inducing sentimental sides with heart-shaped Lindt chocolates, giant teddy bears and other cheesy gifts.

(Editor’s note: Liewe Lulu is rather cynical after the latest farmers’ heartache.)

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As singletons, we do get the appeal of owning #relationshipgoals bragging rights, but all those lovey-dovey social media posts are a bit much.

No one cares about the Instagram Boomerangs of your basic bouquet of long-stemmed roses and a R50-box of chocolates delivered to the office, Thandeka.

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We, singletons, can get our own because we just freakin’ love ourselves that much. This year, and for the years to come, we are choosing ourselves with some well-deserved spoils.

Love is a beautiful thing, but Valentine’s Day is an excuse to indulge and finally treat yourself.

Love is love, after all, whether you are booed up or single until the right person comes along. Do you.

1. What I bring to the table has value.

Wake up and flip it, babes! Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, and what better way to spend a Sunday morning than honouring thyself with a beautiful breakfast in bed.

And we obviously recommend the Glam Chef’s flapjacks. Also, no, we are not eating our feelings, but food is a universal love language.

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2. Soak it up.

Love equals a soothing bath. Just add bubbles, your best essential oils, candles, and a glass of your favourite local wine.

Bathing can help promote circulation, relax aching muscles for better sleep and encourage mindfulness. Just don’t forget to moisturise afterwards. Being ashy is not a good look.

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3. Oats on my face?

So, after you devoured your scrumptious flapjacks, break out your box of oats. Not for cooking though, we are making face masks!

Oatmeal carries more than a few beneficial properties for your skin which helps to moisturise, regulate itchiness, and reduce inflammation.

It not only exfoliates the skin, but it fights off acne-causing bacteria. 

RECIPE: Make your own oatmeal mask

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4. Filters are great, but cleansing is better!

Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise and repeat. Let me repeat that. Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise and repeat.

Break out that face scrubber collecting dust in your closet and work on some treatment for that skin you have been neglecting.

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5. Dance it out.

Forget the perpetual to-do list you have been drumming up in your head and have a solo dance party! Dance like no one is looking and let the feel-good hormones flow. Self-love is love too.

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Win one of two NUXE Bio Organics hampers

Win a NUXE skincare hamper with five luxury products. Photo: NUXE SA

Sign up here for our weekly Stories of Change newsletter, and stand a chance of winning one of two NUXE Bio Organics hampers.

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