Home News 5 things happening in SA agri today, 17 July 2020

5 things happening in SA agri today, 17 July 2020

Proudly South Africa campaign on trade and industrial policies, thought-provoking opinion piece on farm attacks, the latest details on Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) applications, trending children's podcast on school safety, and our favourite agony aunt is back


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It’s #lockdownfriday, and a busy one at that! Today on Food For Mzansi’s radar is Proudly South Africa’s campaign on trade and industrial policies, a thought-provoking opinion piece on farm attacks, the latest details on Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) applications, a trending children’s podcast on school safety, and our favourite agony aunt is back.


Trade and industrial policies to be revised

Buzzing in agri-business circles today is the latest campaign presented by Proudly South Africa at the Nedlac Trade and Industry Chamber meeting held yesterday. Details are just emerging, and it’s crucial for everyone who’s serious about agriculture and the country to take note of it.

Given the immense damage done to the economy over the past decade, and exacerbated by the covid-19 crisis, leaders in agriculture called on trade and industrial policies to be revised. According to the latest Agbiz newsletter, leaders agree that the de-industrialisation of our economy must stop, and that a partial, but focused localisation policy will be necessary to rebuild the industrial capacity and economy.

It is believed that, among others, this can be done through the designation of certain products. Another way would be to create awareness of buying locally produced goods to support our own industries and jobs.


Black farmer speaks out about farm attacks

Food For Mzansi published a riveting opinion piece by a Western Cape farmer who is fed-up with the recent spike in farm attacks happening around the country. Elton Greeve, the managing director of EMG Agri Solutions, pleads with government to stand up, act decisively and stop the loss of life. He says farming communities are living in fear. What should have been a tranquil, rural lifestyle has now become one of terror. Despite a lot of political grandstanding around this matter, he believes there is little to no action to demonstrate a will to resolve the matter.

Click here to read Greeve’s gripping open letter.


Farmer tips to ace CASP funding application

The application deadline for the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) by the Western Cape government is fast approaching.

In an insightful feature on Food For Mzansi, chief director for farmer support and development in the Western Cape, Jerry Aries, details how up-and-coming farmers can avoid common application mistakes in their quest to acquire funding to level-up. Our journalist Kyron Blaauw reports that CASP funding is available to small-holder farmers with viable plans to create employment opportunities in agriculture, agri-processing, and for the improvement of infrastructure of small-scale farming projects.

Click here for application tips on CASP funding.


Covid-19: school safety podcast trends

Trending on podcasting platforms, again, is Food For Mzansi’s special covid-19 podcast podcast called “Thandi and Captain Stay Safe”. Parents are hungry for information as schools nationwide are reporting more coronavirus infections.

In the trending podcast, Food For Mzansi editor Dawn Noemdoe chats to maths teacher, Khanyisane Falake, about measures to help keep kids safe in school. This, of course has been a national talking point since the start of lockdown, with many experts and organisations calling for schools to be closed amid the surge in infections.

Falake says: “Whether the child gets the virus from school, church or restaurants or because someone went to the shop, the child is still going to get it. At the end of the day, 60% of the population is expected to be infected by this virus. What we can do, what the school can do, what the parents can do, what learners can do, is be pro-active in protecting themselves. That’s the best that we can do in all scenarios.”

Listen the podcast episode right now:


Liewe Lulu buds heads with a “narcissist”  

And on a lighter note, it’s a Liewe Lulu day! Yes, you read that right. South Africa’s favourite agony aunt is back with a brand-new letter and sidesplitting advice that everyone must hear. Today’s distressed writer, who is dating a farmer, asks Liewe Lulu what she should do when her guy constantly asks, “Why are we even together?” at the end of every argument? This of course riles up agony aunt and she is quick to clap back at the “narcissist”.

Click here to read this week’s Liewe Lulu.
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Duncan Masiwa
Duncan Masiwa
DUNCAN MASIWA is a budding journalist with a passion for telling great agricultural stories. He hails from Macassar, close to Somerset West in the Western Cape, where he first started writing for the Helderberg Gazette community newspaper. Besides making a name for himself as a columnist, he is also an avid poet who has shared stages with artists like Mahalia Buchanan, Charisma Hanekam, Jesse Jordan and Motlatsi Mofatse.


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