Celebs share their New Year’s wishes for SA

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Some of South Africa’s most beloved celebrities, including enterprising chefs Zanele van Zyl and Jenny Morris as well as the singers Karin Kortjé and Robin Pieters, shared their New Year’s resolutions with Food For Mzansi.

‘It’s the year of #20NiceThings’ – Zanele van Zyl

Celebrity chef Zanele Van Zyl, who recently published her debut book, Cooking with Zanele: Simply Delicious Quick Meals, described the brand-new year as “#20NiceThings”.

“We are pushing all the doors open if they don’t want to open,” says Van Zyl. Her passion for cooking started with her sharing her creativity in the kitchen on social media, and today she is a rising star in the foodie world.

Van Zyl says, “The plan is that we all win, but remember, it (requires) all your hands to make it happen. There are no miracles. #20NiceThings, here we are. Let’s do this!”

‘Let’s unite and support each other’ – Karin Kortjé 

Former Idols winner Karin Kortjé

Kortjé, a former Idols winner who has had a great year performing at sold-out shows in and around the Mother City, asked the nation to unite in prayer for the country’s future.

Despite it being a rather tough year politically and economically, she remains positive about South Africa’s future.

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“My prayer is that we will unite and support each other. South Africa, I wish you peace, forgiveness and love.”


‘It’s amazing to be a South African’ – Jenny Morris

Celebrity TV chef Jenny Morris, also known as “The Giggling Gourmet”.
Celebrity TV chef Jenny Morris

Morris, also known as “The Giggling Gourmet”, says she considers it a great opportunity to represent Mzansi, also as the first South African to host a TV show on The Food Network.

“It’s amazing to be part of our country. It has so many beautiful people in it. I want to wish every single person living in our fantastic country, peace, prosperity, health and great happiness.”

Morris says that she want us all to live together in harmony and love. “May all our dreams and hopes come true.”

‘You can live your best life’ – Robin Pieters

Singer Robin Pieters
Singer Robin Pieters

Pieters, a Cape Town-born singer and The Voice superstar, encouraged the youth to follow their dreams in 2019. “Do not hold back. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and live your passion. Your journey might not be like mine, but it is not insignificant for you to allow it to die.”

He reminded South Africans that someone else might also need your gifts and talents. “You can live your best life rather than just being.”

He says that despite his stardom he still believes in working hard to further excel. “I, too, am young and at the peak of my life. I believe in hard work and determination in order to reach the full capacity of making my dreams a reality. May we rise up as a united force and continue to make South Africa a better and stronger nation.”

‘Something can be done’ – Kia Johnson

Popular radio and television personality, Kia Johnson, describes 2018 as a challenging year. “We have all been guilty of living a rushed and unbalanced lifestyle, and most of the time we feel helpless and as if and nothing can be done about it. The truth is though, something can be done because we have more power to do what’s right than what we can ever imagine.”

Kia Johnson
Kia Johnson

Johnson says we need to realise and accept that this takes time and patience and consistent work within yourself, your attitude and the way you treat others.

“Whichever place you are at in your life, take a step back, re-assess and decide your way forward. The power of positive thought and connectivity with yourself and others is one of the biggest assets you can have.”

Johnson furthermore says, “My wish for the New Year is for all of us to find strength in compassion for ourselves and our fellow human beings first, and respect for what nature has provided. We need to this as a catalyst for a better version of ourselves which will bring about a more positive and engaging country that will shine above the rest.”

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