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Future-focused farms ‘require more than public healthcare’

The Agility Agri Way: Health Squared Medical Scheme


Health SquaredIn our 13-week HEALTH SQUARED Agri Update on Food for Mzansi we have been sharing vital ways for future focused farmers to support their workforce to be healthier and more effective. This week we are concentrating on how Agility can help to contribute to the well-being of your employees through the Health Squared Medical Scheme.

Dawn Noemdoe, editor for audience engagement at Food for Mzansi, is joined by Dr Kobus Laubscher, agricultural economist and independent consultant at Agility Agri, as well as Marcia Le Roux, sales executive at Agility Channel, to discuss employee medical schemes.

What makes farms different?

“In South Africa we differentiate between medical insurance and membership medical schemes,” says Dr Laubscher. “It boils down to a form of medical insurance, though, a way to mitigate risk.”

Dr Laubscher explains that many farms do not provide their employees with these types of insurance schemes, because they are supposed to be able to benefit from the free public healthcare system in South Africa. “But its common knowledge that this system is not satisfactory, and it does not take away the need to provide medical insurance for your employees.”

There shouldn’t be any difference between the type of health insurance coverage that employees in the city receive over those that farm workers receive. And as low-income workers, employees on farms must also have access to adequate coverage that cater to higher-income workers.

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How can future-focused farmers benefit from Agility Agri?

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Agility Agri offers the industry’s most advanced and flexible solution to manage human Health Squared Medical Schemecapital risk effectively. It also allows for proper integration of products and services, measurable and tangible return on investment, fully personalised services, and enhances these benefits with tailor-made solutions to farmers specifically to suit the needs of their workers.

“This definitely provides a healthier, more effective and more loyal workforce,” explains Le Roux. “As well as improved relations with your staff, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity.”

“In the long run, its all about mitigating risk,” adds Dr Laubscher. “Medical aid membership with Agility Agri is a long-term, solution-driven arrangement.”

Agility Agri invests in the long-term well-being of employees in order to generate long-term benefit for the individual, the employer, and ultimately the business.

“Our range of ten medical schemes options are ideally positioned across all income levels, as well as options for Gap and CoPay products, and the options of three primary healthcare solutions ideal for lower income staff,” says Le Roux. “This provides your employees with complete control of their benefits and cover, suited to their needs and income levels because we want to ensure that our products are fully inclusive.”

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Agility Agri options

“There is a great need for tailor-made health care in South Africa, as well as the need for the employer and employee to regain control and customise cover to suit their financial and lifestyle needs,” says Le Roux.

When we look at the options that Agility Agri covers, we see that they provide a variety of options purposefully designed for the agricultural sector, and they watch the trends that show what the employees in agri sectors need the most in order to move with the times.

You can uniquely combine a variety of options in order to cover all income levels, and also allows your employees to benefit from awards programmes and the free employee well-being program provided by Agility Agri.

“With our integrated solutions across the Agility platform, such as Gap and CoPay, Agility Agri manages your full employee benefit and well-being portfolio, so all the services are coordinated from one contact point,” says Le Roux. “This means access to more discounts, no duplications of forms, and ease of access.”

An integrated solution such as the one provided by Agility Agri is definitely the way to go forward, to make sure that your employees are fully covered, and that all health and well-being aspects are catered for.

Need more information about the Health Squared Medical Scheme?

Just fill in the contact form below the video and a HEALTH SQUARED consultant will get right back to you.

Or reach out to Marcia Le Roux via email marcialr@agilitydistribution.co.za or by calling 011 796 6425.

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