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Liewe Lulu: I am struggling to deal with the isolation of the pandemic

Coronavirus anxiety has me in my feelings. Please help.

Trapped Soul from Prince Albert in the Western Cape writes…

Liewe Lulu,

It has been an emotional rollercoaster under the national lockdown, and I am struggling to find balance and ground myself.

Apart from the extra weight I have picked up, being confined to my farm is driving me up the wall. I feel like I am now on the brink of a breakdown.

Before the lockdown I was quite the social butterfly and would often take spur-of-the-moment trips to wherever my heart desired. Lately I have become so consumed by my loneliness and overall anxiety about my future that I end up turning to my stash of lockdown snacks for comfort.

I sometimes have random bursts of energy where I just want to move and focus on building my empire, but there are days where I just can’t seem to get out of bed.

Honestly, I feel alone and trapped. And I miss the streets. Please help…

My Dearest Trapped Soul…

Feelings and emotions experienced under lockdown can be complex, confusing, and isolating. But here is the kicker, my sweet: You are not alone!

As we sift through our collective trauma during the pandemic many of us are newly aware of what it means to have anxiety and debilitating bouts of depression. Sharing these individual experiences and struggles, we have been allowed to become empathetic and even cognizant of what it means to struggle with mental health.

But now, my darling, instead of avoiding the wave of mixed feelings, feel them. Take the rollercoaster in your stride, with all those sudden twists.

Do not even feel guilty for struggling to get your psyche aligned. We are in a pandemic and there are things that we must just come to grips with and normalise instead of avoiding. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Weight gain and fluctuating weight: You didn’t stock up on those lockdown snacks for nothing. Instead of thinking of yourself as looking for answers at the bottom of a bag of Simba chips, by all means allow yourself to indulge. But also understand that moderation is key, babe!
  2. Being unproductive and often feeling unmotivated: Well, this new normal has been a curveball we never anticipated and its often tough to comprehend. It is heavy on the psyche, and if you must take a step back, take it.
  3. Being “over-productive”: Sometimes we are too zealous in our pursuit to not be consumed by our thoughts. There is no problem in looking for an escape, but again, moderate! DO NOT overexert yourself. Learn to establish a cut-off point and take a break.
  4. Falling of routines and healthy habits: It’s okay to skip home gym days and stuff your face but be cautious! It takes discipline to navigate the turbulent wastes of the global virus.
  5. Frequently trying to distract yourself: We all need an escape from our emotions and that is fine. If you must take a duvet day, take it. Just bounce back after, please!

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