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Liewe Lulu: I want to make the mielies pop again…

Sparkless from Reitz in the Free State 

I met my wife in Jozi, and it has been 13 beautiful years of a fruitful marriage. Farming is our livelihood, but I fear the spark in our marriage may have dimmed.  In 2007 I married the girl of my dreams, ZimkhitaWe are passionate about farming and we work hard to maintain our mielie enterprise. Running a farm sometimes leaves us both exhausted and after 13 years of marital bliss and shared passion we’re just too tired for each otherShe makes me so happy and I believe she deserves the whole world and more. I would love to show my queen some appreciation. I’m looking for tips to spoil herPlease help… 

My Dearest Sparkless in the Free State 

Sometimes the spark dies when life catches up to you, but there are ways to maintain it. I’m happy to say that reaching out to Liewe Lulu is already a step in the right direction. *wink*  

We can never say no to some good old-fashioned TLC (tender love and care)It is a bonus that you are a farmer and can tend to her needs just like you tend your fields. Try these farmer dates and I’m sure you’ll get your sparkle back in no time. 

  1. Make her a special breakfast. These are not only limited to Valentine’s DayTend to her oldschool with some breakfast in bed. Sometimes you don’t have to overthink things, just keep it simple. Carbohydrates are life. 
  2. Plant a tree together as a symbol of your loveTrees are forever! Not only will you be playing your part in the fight to save the planet, but this will be a symbol of your love. 
  3. Be unapologetic in showing your appreciation. Actively make it known how much you appreciate her. Appreciation goes a long way in a union. It may sound cheesy, but take time out of your schedule to tell her how much you appreciate her hard work and devotion. 
  4. Take a day off. Agriculture is an essential service and you are working overtime to meet demands and make sure the nation is fed. This must take a toll on the body, so spend a lazy day together in bed, watching Netflix and stuffing your faces until you burst with pure, uncut joy.  

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