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Liewe Lulu: Fighting ‘farmer’s armpits’

Suffering in Silence (45) from Jacobsdal in the Free State writes… 

I love my hubby, Katlego, but his body odour is messing with my libido. He is a loving man with a heart of gold, but as a livestock farmer, smelly armpits linger in every room he enters. 

Apart from the sweat, I’m also struggling to cope with the unbearable stench of faeces and sometimes even animal blood. It sticks to his clothesskinhair and I don’t even want to mention his fingernails.

I signed up to the farm lifestyle,but I need to escape his eager,smelly clutches in bedSometimes secretly sleep in the guest room just to get away from the horrible odourPlease help,I’m worried he will realise that I am avoiding him

My dearest Suffering in Silence… 

Farming is hard work, my darling. It should come as no surprise that he is a bit ripe from working long hours in the sun. You married this man and communication is always key in any relationship.  

You can do one of three things with your smelly saga. Use positive reinforcement and be low key about your tactics – draw sexy baths for the both of you before sexy timeYou can let your grievances – like his odour – fester and linger on in your marriage, or help himHelp him realize that he has issues in terms of his personal hygieneYou can help your hubby by trying a few of my tricks and tips for lingering farm odours: 

  1. Fabric softener is your best friend, babes. Encourage him to carry a little spray bottle full of diluted fabric softener in his vehicle. Let him spray himself before leaving the farm and before entering your home. 
  2. Overalls are a mustMake it a point that he must wear overalls and layer up while he is at work. 
  3. Shower at least twice a day. The best remedy for any odour is waterAgain, make it a rule that he must shower and remove those smelly farm-stained clothes immediately. 
  4. Air fresheners and candles, especially pine. He will think it’s for the ambiance, but secretly it’s just another trick to help you breathe. 
  5. DeodorantTell him which scents you prefer and plant those seeds. Maybe he will catch the hint and make an effort to please, since marriage is a two-way street

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