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Liewe Lulu: Lovebirds co-working from home

For these lovebirds and colleagues the lockdown is ruining their love nest

Power Couple on the Brink of Snapping in Paarl in the Western Cape writes…. 

Liewe Lulu, 

We have been in a relationship and living together for three years. Lulu, after so many years of being in each other’s space you would think we would be able to survive and overcome anything.  

But, with the lockdown in full effect for the past 50-something days, it has been constant arguments and clutching at each other’s throats. Sometimes the tension gets so thick in the air that it is hard for us to focus on work.  

By the way we are colleagues! The past seven weeks have been tough on our relationship as we can no longer find common ground. How can we keep our work relationship and personal relationship separate Lulz? Please help. 

My Dearest Power Couple…  

The solution to your situation is straightforward and simple. Firmly grounding your relationship in no-bs communication is the key to regaining the zen in your love nest.  

Being in each other’s faces 24/7 forces couples to deal with those difficult situations. A lot of the time during normal circumstances couples would avoid the ugly bits of a relationship, because they’re simply just too busy to deal with it. These ugly bits then get swept under the rug and turn into heaping, festering lumps of unresolved problems and tensions.  

You have an advantage now (under lockdown), to unpack those parts that you don’t like about each other and deal with the conflict, while simultaneously being mature enough to be empathetic toward your respective feelings and reactions 

Communication is the lubricant that will keep the motion in your train of amor 

Set clear boundaries to ensure that there is no overlap between work time and boo time. Work is work, and your home is your home. Stick to a strict schedule, like you would do at the office on a normal day. Discipline is the key. Make sure that when you knock off, you knock off. This way you can have the time to WANT to be with each other at the end of the day.  

Liewe Lulu

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